Master’s Programs

Through the UF EDGE program, the college offers master’s degrees from seven Gator Engineering departments completely online, with no campus travel required. This program is designed for engineers in industry or the military to continue their education with a UF master’s degree without requiring them to leave their daily career or family life. All requirements for admission and coursework are exactly the same as campus graduate students, so the master’s degree earned for participating online is the same as if you were sitting in a UF classroom.

A master’s degree consists of 10 graduate courses. Courses are offered on a semester basis, with various course offerings for the fall, spring and summer terms. Distance students can begin a degree program in any one of these three semesters and are free to take as many or as few courses as work and life schedules permits each semester. Master’s degrees can be completed in as little as 24 months. Course lectures are captured daily from live UF graduate lecture classrooms and are posted online the same day in streaming, downloadable and podcast formats for watching at work, home, or while traveling.   

Distance students receive all lecture videos and coursework online, submit assignments electronically, and have exams proctored at their place of work.  Email, online discussion boards and chat rooms are used for distance student, teaching assistant, and faculty interaction.  Students are never required to travel to campus.

More information on the UF EDGE engineering master’s degree programs tracks available for distance students can be found at