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Photo of Jonathan Scheffe Jonathan Scheffe High Performance Materials

Thermochemical and electrochemical energy conversion processes, solar driven thermochemical redox cycles for H2 and syngas production, defect chemistry and thermodynamics of nonstoichiometric oxides, solid oxide fuel cells, solid oxide membrane separations, reaction kinetics

Photo of John M. Shea John M. Shea Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing
Photo of Meera Sitharam Meera Sitharam High Performance Materials

Complexity theory; geometric modeling and constraint solving; algorithms and discrete modeling.

Photo of Douglas E. Spearot Douglas E. Spearot High Performance Materials

Professor Spearot received his Ph.D. in 2005 from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research interests include: Computational mechanics and materials science (including atomistic simulations and phase-field modeling), behavior of defects in materials, nanostructured materials, linking between atomistic and continuum length scales, and method development for atomistic modeling.

Photo of Gregory C. Stitt Gregory C. Stitt Internet of Things

Reconfigurable computing, FPGAs; synthesis, compilers, CAD; architecture; embedded systems

Photo of Mark Tehranipoor Mark Tehranipoor Cybersecurity
Photo of My T. Thai My T. Thai Unbiased AI
Photo of Michael Tonks Michael Tonks High Performance Materials
Photo of Patrick Traynor Patrick Traynor Cybersecurity

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) at the University of Florida. My research focuses on the security of mobile systems, with a concentration on telecommunications infrastructure and mobile devices. My research has uncovered critical vulnerabilities in cellular networks, made the first characterization of mobile malware in provider networks and offers a robust approach to detecting and combatting Caller-ID scams.…

Photo of Daisy (Zhe) Wang Daisy (Zhe) Wang Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing
Photo of Damon Woodard Damon Woodard Cybersecurity
Photo of Dapeng Oliver Wu Dapeng Oliver Wu Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing; Healthcare & Human Performance; Internet of Things
Photo of Alina Zare Alina Zare Coastal, Ecological, & Environmental System Dynamics; Foundations of AI; IoT; Precision Agriculture
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