Photo of Assel Aitkaliyeva Assel Aitkaliyeva High Performance Materials

Establishing and maintaining productive research program, teaching courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Nuclear Engineering Program, mentor and graduate Ph.D. students, participate in activities related to the profession.

Photo of Kyle D. Allen Kyle D. Allen Healthcare and Human Performance
T: (352) 273-9337
Photo of Lisa Anthony Lisa Anthony Humans and Technology
Photo of David P. Arnold David P. Arnold Precision Agriculture

Wireless power, energy harvesting, RF/microwave components

Photo of Sivaramakrishnan “Bala” Balachandar Sivaramakrishnan “Bala” Balachandar Coastal, Ecological, & Environmental System Dynamics

Teaching Interests: Computational fluid science (aka CFD), Large scale simulation of complex flows, transition and turbulence, multiphase flows, environmental flows

Photo of Prabir Barooah Prabir Barooah Infrastructure & the Built Environment

Professor Barooah received his Ph.D. in 2007 from the University of California, Santa Barbara. From 1999 to 2002 he was a research engineer at United Technologies Research Center, East Hartford, CT. He received the M. S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware in 1999 and the B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, in 1996.…

Photo of Swarup Bhunia Swarup Bhunia Internet of Things
Photo of Christophe Bobda Christophe Bobda Autonomy & Robotics

Embedded vision, embedded systems, reconfigurable computing, computer architecture, cybersecurity, system-level design

Photo of Christina Boucher Christina Boucher Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Kristy Elizabeth Boyer Kristy Elizabeth Boyer Humans and Technology
Photo of Kevin Butler Kevin Butler Cybersecurity
Photo of Sharon Lynn Chu Sharon Lynn Chu Humans and Technology
Photo of Mingzhou Ding Mingzhou Ding Healthcare & Human Performance

Neural mechanisms of perception and motor behavior (using both experimental and modeling approaches), neuronal oscillations and attentional control, information processing in the brain, development of advanced signal processing methods for the analysis of nonstationary, multivariate neurobiological data, mathematical analysis of oscillatory neural networks, behavior and brain analysis of sensorimotor coordination, first passage time problems in stochastic processes, theory of nonlinear dynamical systems

Photo of Warren Dixon Warren Dixon Autonomy & Robotics
Photo of Eric Jing Du Eric Jing Du Infrastructure & the Built Environment
Photo of Ruogu Fang Ruogu Fang Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Yuguang (Michael) Fang Yuguang (Michael) Fang Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing
Photo of Daniel Perry Ferris Daniel Perry Ferris Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Domenic Forte Domenic Forte Cybersecurity
Photo of José A. B. Fortes José A. B. Fortes Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing
Photo of Jie Fu Jie Fu Intelligent and (semi-)autonomous systems, control theory, machine learning, and formal methods

Dr. Jie Fu is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA. She received the M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and Automaton from Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, in 2009, and the Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA, in 2013.…

Photo of Paul D. Gader Paul D. Gader Coastal, Ecological, & Environmental System Dynamics

Methods: Pattern recognition, neural networks, fuzzy sets, computer vision, image and signal processing, mathematical morphology. Applications: Landmine detection, handwriting recognition, biomedical imaging, automatic target recognition, bioinformatics.

Photo of Christina Gardner-McCune Christina Gardner-McCune Humans and Technology
Photo of Baoyun Ge Baoyun Ge Application of AI to electric drive systems

Electric drive systems, including the application of artificial intelligence, IoT, parallel computing, and advanced manufacturing to reduce the carbon footprint of electric machines and drives throughout their lifetime.

Photo of Juan E. Gilbert Juan E. Gilbert Unbiased AI

The Banks Family Preeminence Endowed Professor and Chair, Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering

Photo of Aysegul Gunduz Aysegul Gunduz Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Joel Harley Joel Harley High Performance Materials
Photo of Richard Hennig Richard Hennig High Performance Materials
Photo of Md Jahidul Islam Md Jahidul Islam Robot Perception; Machine Vision; Underwater Robotics
  • PhD, Robotics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; 2021
  • MSc, Artificial Intelligence, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology; 2015
  • BSc, Computer Science & Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology; 2012
Photo of Eakta Jain Eakta Jain Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing; Infrastructure & the Built Environment
Photo of David Kaber David Kaber Humans and Technology
Photo of Sanjeev Koppal Sanjeev Koppal Internet of Things
Photo of Amanda Rochelle Krause Amanda Rochelle Krause High Performance Materials
Photo of Forrest J. Masters Forrest J. Masters Infrastructure & the Built Environment

Dr. Forrest Masters is a professor in our Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment. He earned his Ph.D. in civil (structural) engineering from the University of Florida in 2004. Dr. Masters has received support from more than 40 grants from state, federal and private sources, including the NSF CAREER and MRI Programs. Recently, he secured a $3.6M cooperative agreement with NSF to create one of six national experimental facilities to study infrastructure performance in natural hazards.…

Photo of Sean Meyn Sean Meyn Infrastructure & the Built Environment
Photo of Prabhat Mishra Prabhat Mishra Cybersecurity

Design automation for embedded systems, system-level design, validation of programmable architectures, VLSI CAD algorithms, design space exploration of SOC architectures.

Photo of Kamran Mohseni Kamran Mohseni Autonomy & Robotics
Photo of Jennifer Nichols Jennifer Nichols Healthcare and Human Performance
(352) 294-8803
Photo of Juan C. Nino Juan C. Nino High Performance Materials

Fundamental structure-property, processing, performance relationships of electronic materials. Development of new electroceramics, ferroelectric devices, Induced crystallographic transformations.

Photo of Toshikazu Nishida Toshikazu Nishida Internet of Things

Semiconductor sensors and devices.

Photo of Daniela Oliveira Daniela Oliveira Cybersecurity
Photo of Karim G. Oweiss Karim G. Oweiss Healthcare & Human Performance

Signals and Systems, Computational and Systems Neuroscience, Neural Engineering

Photo of Brian Phillips Brian Phillips Infrastructure & the Built Environment
Photo of José C. Principe José C. Principe Autonomy & Robotics; Coastal, Ecological, & Environmental System Dynamics; Foundations of AI
Photo of Eric Ragan Eric Ragan Humans and Technology
Photo of Anand Rangarajan Anand Rangarajan Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing; Foundations of AI
Photo of Sanjay Ranka Sanjay Ranka Infrastructure & the Built Environment

Large-scale software systems, parallel and distributed computing, CRM, data mining, optimization and biomedical computing.

Photo of Parisa Rashidi Parisa Rashidi Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Sandip Ray Sandip Ray Internet of Things
Photo of Jaime Ruiz Jaime Ruiz Humans and Technology
Photo of Nancy Ruzycki Nancy Ruzycki Engineering/AI Education
(352) 846-2991

Ph. D., 2003, Tulane University

Research Interests: Engineering education, characterization techniques, surface physics, solid-state devices, dye-sensitized solar cells.

Photo of Shreya Saxena Shreya Saxena Healthcare & Human Performance

Research Interests: Computational neuroscience, Sensorimotor control, Control theory, Data science, Machine learning

Photo of Jonathan Scheffe Jonathan Scheffe High Performance Materials

Thermochemical and electrochemical energy conversion processes, solar driven thermochemical redox cycles for H2 and syngas production, defect chemistry and thermodynamics of nonstoichiometric oxides, solid oxide fuel cells, solid oxide membrane separations, reaction kinetics

Photo of John M. Shea John M. Shea Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing
Photo of Meera Sitharam Meera Sitharam Foundations of AI, High Performance Materials

Theory/foundations  (e.g. sample size bounds for maximum likelihood estimation,  dictionary learning, and boolean function learning); complexity theory; geometric modeling and constraint solving; algorithms and discrete modeling.

Photo of Douglas E. Spearot Douglas E. Spearot High Performance Materials

Professor Spearot received his Ph.D. in 2005 from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research interests include: Computational mechanics and materials science (including atomistic simulations and phase-field modeling), behavior of defects in materials, nanostructured materials, linking between atomistic and continuum length scales, and method development for atomistic modeling.

Photo of Gregory C. Stitt Gregory C. Stitt Internet of Things

Reconfigurable computing, FPGAs; synthesis, compilers, CAD; architecture; embedded systems

Photo of Mark Tehranipoor Mark Tehranipoor Cybersecurity
Photo of My T. Thai My T. Thai Unbiased AI
Photo of Michael Tonks Michael Tonks High Performance Materials
Photo of Patrick Traynor Patrick Traynor Cybersecurity

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) at the University of Florida. My research focuses on the security of mobile systems, with a concentration on telecommunications infrastructure and mobile devices. My research has uncovered critical vulnerabilities in cellular networks, made the first characterization of mobile malware in provider networks and offers a robust approach to detecting and combatting Caller-ID scams.…

Photo of Daisy (Zhe) Wang Daisy (Zhe) Wang Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing
Photo of Damon Woodard Damon Woodard Cybersecurity
Photo of Dapeng Oliver Wu Dapeng Oliver Wu Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing; Healthcare & Human Performance; Internet of Things
Photo of Alina Zare Alina Zare Coastal, Ecological, & Environmental System Dynamics; Foundations of AI; IoT; Precision Agriculture