Healthcare and Human Performance - Profiles

Photo of Kyle D. Allen Kyle D. Allen Healthcare and Human Performance
T: (352) 273-9337
Photo of Christina Boucher Christina Boucher Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Mingzhou Ding Mingzhou Ding Healthcare & Human Performance

Neural mechanisms of perception and motor behavior (using both experimental and modeling approaches), neuronal oscillations and attentional control, information processing in the brain, development of advanced signal processing methods for the analysis of nonstationary, multivariate neurobiological data, mathematical analysis of oscillatory neural networks, behavior and brain analysis of sensorimotor coordination, first passage time problems in stochastic processes, theory of nonlinear dynamical systems

Photo of Ruogu Fang Ruogu Fang Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Daniel Perry Ferris Daniel Perry Ferris Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Aysegul Gunduz Aysegul Gunduz Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Jennifer Nichols Jennifer Nichols Healthcare and Human Performance
(352) 294-8803
Photo of Karim G. Oweiss Karim G. Oweiss Healthcare & Human Performance

Signals and Systems, Computational and Systems Neuroscience, Neural Engineering

Photo of Parisa Rashidi Parisa Rashidi Healthcare & Human Performance
Photo of Shreya Saxena Shreya Saxena Healthcare & Human Performance

Research Interests: Computational neuroscience, Sensorimotor control, Control theory, Data science, Machine learning

Photo of Dapeng Oliver Wu Dapeng Oliver Wu Cloud Computing, Networks & Signal Processing; Healthcare & Human Performance; Internet of Things