High Performance Materials

High Performance Materials

High Performance Materials Experts

Photo of Assel Aitkaliyeva Assel Aitkaliyeva

Establishing and maintaining productive research program, teaching courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Nuclear Engineering Program, mentor and graduate Ph.D. students, participate in activities related to the profession.

Photo of Joel Harley Joel Harley
Photo of Richard Hennig Richard Hennig
Photo of Amanda Rochelle Krause Amanda Rochelle Krause
Photo of Juan C. Nino Juan C. Nino

Fundamental structure-property, processing, performance relationships of electronic materials. Development of new electroceramics, ferroelectric devices, Induced crystallographic transformations.

Photo of Jonathan Scheffe Jonathan Scheffe

Thermochemical and electrochemical energy conversion processes, solar driven thermochemical redox cycles for H2 and syngas production, defect chemistry and thermodynamics of nonstoichiometric oxides, solid oxide fuel cells, solid oxide membrane separations, reaction kinetics

Photo of Meera Sitharam Meera Sitharam

Theory/foundations  (e.g. sample size bounds for maximum likelihood estimation,  dictionary learning, and boolean function learning); complexity theory; geometric modeling and constraint solving; algorithms and discrete modeling.

Photo of Douglas E. Spearot Douglas E. Spearot

Professor Spearot received his Ph.D. in 2005 from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research interests include: Computational mechanics and materials science (including atomistic simulations and phase-field modeling), behavior of defects in materials, nanostructured materials, linking between atomistic and continuum length scales, and method development for atomistic modeling.

Photo of Michael Tonks Michael Tonks