CYAN: Enabling Cyber Defense in Analog and Mixed Signal Domain

Principal Investigator: Mark Tehranipoor, Waleed Khalil

Sponsor: The Ohio State University

Start Date: May 15, 2019

End Date: May 14, 2024

Amount: $2,500,000


The goal is to launch multidisciplinary research (CYAN) in the area of hardware-enabled cybersecurity through innovation and development of new analog and mixed-signal (AMS) domain security. CYAN will focus on addressing a new set of foundational research challenges in AMS domain: 1) Security of analog and mixed-signal functions and devices, and its respective supply chain, 2) Development of information fusion algorithms, predictive analysis and measurement of involuntary analog emissions extracted from both analog and digital domains, including electromagnetic emanation, power side channel, acoustic noise, temperature, etc., and 3) Exploitation of inherent non-linear functions in devices and systems to enable disruptive analog forensic and fingerprinting science and technology (e.g., establishing chaotic based cryptography). CYAN will bring together expertise from analog mixed signal design, fabrication, test, hardware security, devices and circuits, electromagnetics, applied cryptography, machine learning and data analytics to address some of the fundamental challenges and questions relating to securing the design, fabrication, and operation of AMS technologies and analog emissions. Such a holistic approach will field into three main objectives: 1) securing both existing AMS supply chain and future AMS functionality and devices; 2) prediction and countering of the device’s analog side channel behavior and 3) identification and authentication of ICs and systems using the device’s unique analog signatures.

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