Virtual Diffraction Techniques used to Study Dislocation Loop Grain Boundary Interactions and Assess Slip Transfer Criteria (9.2 Mechanical Behavior of Materials)

Principal Investigator: Douglas Spearot

Sponsor: US Army Research Office

Start Date: May 1, 2017

End Date: June 30, 2020

Amount: $430,075


The objective of this proposal is to develop a multiscale simulation approach to study dislocation – grain boundary interactions and to employ this approach to advance criteria for slip transfer across grain boundaries to consider the grain boundary damage state. In addition, the proposed simulation approach will allow for an analysis of the role of dislocation core structures on slip transfer. The hypothesis of this proposal is that the mechanisms by which dislocations are obstructed, absorbed, and/or transmitted through grain boundaries are sensitive to the damage state of the grain boundary (defined as a departure from equilibrium atomic structure) in addition to slip geometry. Such details are critically important to understand how grain boundaries promote strengthening or act as sources/sinks for damage during high rate plastic deformation.