Tag: Dapeng Oliver Wu

Phase I IUCRC University of Florida: Center for Big Learning

This project establishes the NSF Industry/University Collaborative Research Center for Big Learning (CBL). The vision is to create intelligence towards intelligence-driven society. Through catalyzing the fusion of diverse expertise from the consortium of faculty members, students, industry partners, and federal agencies, CBL seeks to create state-of-the-art deep learning methodologies and technologies and enable intelligent applications, transforming broad domains, such as business, healthcare, Internet-of-Things, and cybersecurity.

FIRMA: Personalized Cross-Layer Continuous Authentication

This project will build and evaluate FIRMA, a user-transparent, continuous authentication software framework that collects usage data, targeted at corporate security contexts where such monitoring can be done. To the extent that people have unique but recurrent patterns of use — itself an interesting research question — FIRMA can estimate the likelihood that the current user is still an authorized, authenticated user based on how current use patterns compare to historical ones.