Current Endowments

Endowed gifts are made possible by the extreme generosity of our alumni and friends–we  want to say thank you and acknowledge those who have contributed to our past and present success.  As permanent funds, endowments are critical to the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering because they generate predictable and continuous streams of income in perpetuity.  The college is committed to growing these endowments as a way to ensure that engineers will be taught leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship skills and much more, for generations to come.

Gator Engineering has current funding opportunities within the following categories:

Scholarships & Fellowships

Review our current scholarships & fellowships within the College. Undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships are forms of aid that help students pay for their educations. Unlike loans, they do not have to be repaid. Generally, scholarships and fellowships are reserved for students with special qualifications, such as academic, athletic or artistic talent. Awards are also available for students who are interested in particular fields of study, who live in certain areas of the country or who demonstrate financial need.

Professorships & Chairs

Scan the list of current professorships & chairs within Gator Engineering.  Exemplified by world-class scholarship and instruction, endowed professorships and chairs are among the most significant awards conferred to faculty. Income from these funds provides salary, research support and resources for program development that enable educators to pursue projects at the forefront of their fields. Because they foster exceptional opportunities for teaching and research, endowed positions are fundamental to the mission of the University of Florida and the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering.

Named Facilities

View the named facilities dedicated within the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering.  From its modest beginnings as a land-grant university with 102 students, the University of Florida has grown to a flourishing internationally recognized institution of higher education. With more than 46,000 students, UF is now one of the five largest universities in the nation and the site of endeavors ranging from cutting edge genetics research, to championship athletics programs, to the synthesis of culture and digital technology.

The University’s 2,000-acre campus comprises more than 900 buildings, with more than 30 of these listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Designed in the Collegiate Gothic Style, UF’s campus displays a rich architectural history that dates back to 1905 when Gainesville was selected by the state legislature as the new site for the University of Florida.