Two Great Articles, One Ambitious Leader, Innovator, and Entrepreneur’s Opinion

Business in Greater Gainesville has published two articles by Erin Winick in its June 2016 issue. Erin is a rising 5th year Mechanical Engineering student in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida. In addition to her student responsibilities, Erin is the founder and CEO of Sci Chic, a company that designs and produces 3D printed jewelry and accessories inspired by science, technology, engineering, and math. Also, as an innovation fellow within University of Florida Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Innovation Institute, Erin actively contributes to enhancing the entrepreneurial environment at UF and throughout Gainesville.

Mentoring in a Millennial’s World

When a student steps onto a college campus for the first time, it can often seem extremely large. Then, when they enter the workforce, the new world somehow feels even larger. However, one thing that can allow them to thrive in these new environments is finding a mentor. Millennials are constantly encouraged to find the right mentor to help them navigate these large new worlds, but what is the best way to direct these new relationships, for both the mentors and millennial mentees?
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Millennial Engineers Make Great Entrepreneurs

Engineering is a field that has struggled with public perception. Stereotypes of the traditional engineer have haunted it for years. Despite efforts to change perception of the eld, engineers are still commonly imagined by the public as socially inept, overly technical, backroom designers or coders stuck at their desk.

Being a current engineering student myself, I do see some people sticking to these stereotypical characteristics, but more often I see a group with an increasingly diverse skill set. I credit a large portion of this change to the characteristics of the millennial generation moving into engineering roles. With this I see an even greater shift happening in engineering— one that poises millennial engineers to conquer the entrepreneurial world.
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