Engineering Innovation Institute

Engineering Innovation Institute

The University of Florida Engineering Innovation Institute (EII), an integral part of FLEX, plays a key role in developing the engineering talent and technology pipeline to support the growth of Florida’s Innovation economy.  Through its program initiatives (below), the Institute addresses gaps in engineering education and research to reach across the spectrum of discovery to the translation of innovative research and students into the marketplace.

Building an Innovation Culture

  • Fostering a culture of innovation among faculty, students, and staff of the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering.
  • Serving as a nexus of engineering innovation education and experiential programs extending across the spectrum of creative discovery and invention.
  • Transitioning of UF engineering technologies and innovative students to the marketplace.

Focusing on Elements of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

  • Developing innovative thinking in our constituents.
  • Providing invaluable skill sets combined with the analytical and problem-solving skills inherent in our engineering education and research programs.
  • Dovetailing technology with entrepreneurial education programs designed to bring commercialization focus and direction.
  • Ingraining entrepreneurial thought processes in engineering students and faculty.

Creating Engineering Leaders

  • Producing leaders with engineering and innovation skills to attack the world’s most daunting problems and change the world.
  • Leveraging the College’s interdisciplinary research institutes and its broad spectrum of Departments and Schools as a platform upon which Creativity and Entrepreneurship education produce many of our next generation innovation leaders, whether they work in the private, academic, public service, non-profit, or government / military sectors.

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Engineering Innovation Institute Director Erik Sander Erik Sander
Executive Director, Engineering Innovation Institute
Phone: 352-294-7561

Lawrence Tinker
Assistant Director, Engineering Innovation Institute