Workforce Development Coordinator

Patricia Harris, Workforce Development CoordinatorPatricia Harris

Patricia Harris, a former science and engineering teacher and the UF Education Leadership doctoral candidate joined the UF Innovation Station Sarasota County as its workforce development coordinator in September 2016. In this role, Patricia Harris delivers collaborative offerings contributing to the development of a pipeline of creative engineering innovators from K-12 through career entry by connecting College of Engineering faculty, staff and students located on the main campus, including through online offerings, to Sarasota County K-12 and upper-level educational institutions and industry.

Patricia will help develop K-12 workforce education programs to support the UF Innovation Station’s mission of preparing students for careers in engineering.

Prior to joining the UF Innovation Station, Patricia spent 12 years teaching science and engineering to middle and high school students in Manatee County. As a Science and Technology Education teacher, she sponsored the Technology Student Association, which competed at the local, state, and national levels. At Manatee High School, she helped institute and served as the lead teacher for the state accredited IDEA (Innovation, Design, Engineering, and Arts) Academy as well as a new engineering program as part of the Academy. She has been selected as one of 50 teachers nationwide for a Siemens STEM Academy Fellowship.

Patricia is also an army veteran and the recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal and has graduated from both Airborne and Air Assault Schools.

Patricia is currently completing her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of Florida to compliment her BS in Applied Sciences/Electrical Engineering and MS in Engineering Technology.