State College Partnerships

The Florida Engineering Experiment Station (FLEXStation) promotes collaboration and outreach by partnering with community colleges and companies around the State of Florida to bring together researchers and practitioners and establish a transition-friendly platform for transferring students into the engineering program.

Through the generosity of the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, the University of Florida (UF) Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering (HWCOE) has partnered with State College of Florida (SCF) to develop Gator Engineering at State College of Florida, an innovative B.S. engineering degree program modeled after the nationally recognized Gator Engineering at Santa Fe College with a focus on information technology/computer science related degree programs. This program is aimed at students who apply to UF but are not admitted because there is insufficient room in the lower division. The HWCOE identifies these students and invites them to this path toward a UF Engineering degree. After students successfully complete their critical-tracking courses (Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, etc.) at SCF, they move to the UF campus to complete their courses in their major.

For further information on how institutions of higher learning can partner with FLEXStation, please contact us.