Industry Engagement

At UF Innovation Station Sarasota County, we are here to serve as a direct pipeline to the resources and opportunities at the University of Florida.

Opportunities for Industry Engagement

Talent Acquisition – Companies seeking interns or full-time new college hires can work with UF Innovation Station to identify strategies for marketing and promoting opportunities with students with the right mix of qualifications and interests. Through capstone courses, design teams, student organizations and collaboration with academic departments, UF Innovation Station is here to help your company navigate UF and identify talents students for your workforce.

Research Expertise – Companies looking for faculty expertise in fields of interest or seeking opportunities to partner on federal proposals can work with UF Innovation Station to make connections with faculty.

IP and Tech Transfer – Investors and those looking for new opportunities to bring technology to market can partner with UF Innovation Station and the Office of Technology Licensing to bring the newest innovations developed by UF faculty to market.

Executive and Continuing Education – Employers looking for tailored resources to enhance the education and ability of their workforce can partner with UF to develop short courses, certificates, or to offer existing degree programs through our Electronic Delivery of Gator Engineering platform.

Useful Links and Resources:

For further information and to discuss the best way to assist your corporate needs, please contact:

UF Innovation Station Sarasota County Industry Programs Coordinator

Jason Krywko
Industry Programs Coordinator