The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering  provides state-of-the-art instruments and capabilities to perform cutting edge research. Here is a list of facilities that may also be available to outside of the UF community.

HWCOE Research Service Centers at UF

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering’s Research Service Centers (RSCs) support and enhance the research, education, and public service missions of the University of Florida by providing access to characterization and process instrumentation.  Expert staff provides the assistance and guidance necessary so that industry, faculty, and students get the most effective and appropriate use of the center’s facilities.

MAIC is a materials characterization and analysis facility established to provide analytical support for Florida’s scientific and engineering community in meeting the challenge of technology development.

NRF provides a state-of-the-art centralized facility and expert technical support external users from industry and academia, as well as University of Florida research groups, involved in micro and nano fabrication.

PAIC conducts analytical services, consulting, and applied research in all areas of particle technology, including size distribution, shape and image analysis, surface chemistry, and synthesis.

RSC Director: Luisa Amelia Dempere
Email: ademp@eng.ufl.edu
Phone: 352-846-2200

Facilities with Prototyping Capabilities at UF

UF 3D Printing website serves as a  community hub and knowledge-base for the growing network of labs, facilities and researchers working with 3D printing, additive manufacturing and other digital fabrication techniques at the University of Florida. Visit the website to view the Fab lab directory and consult with Fellow 3D printers at UF.

Facilities serving all UF and non-UF Affiliates

Facilities serving UF community

HWCOE Specialized Facilities at UF

ECL Director: Chad Overman
Email: coverman@ecl.ufl.edu
Phone: 352-392-9662

  • UF Training Reactor (UFTR)

EFTR Director: Andreas Enqvist
Email: enqvist@mse.ufl.edu
Phone: 352- 273-2131