Ways to Engage

Ways to Engage
FLEXStation serves as a gateway for companies, individuals, and communities to explore paths for engagement and learn which collaborations with UF’s Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering might align with their strategic research needs, professional development priorities, investment opportunities, and talent recruitment requirements.  We invite you to explore the many ways shown below to collaborate with our faculty, students and staff, but if you want to directly discuss your needs, contact us at FLEXNet@eng.ufl.edu.

Paths for Interactions and Partnerships

Collaborative Research – Collaborate. Grow. Commercialize.

Work with college faculty and researchers to advance your R&D projects and transform industrial technical concepts into prototypes, scale up models, and commercialized products and processes.

Professional Development and Education – Educate. Train. Certify.

Increase productivity in your company through the acquisition of new skill sets for your employees.

State College Partnerships and K-12 – Outreach. Excite. Educate

Increase participation in Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) programs via outreach and education in students ranging from K-12 through college graduates – and beyond.

Intellectual Property & Commercialization – License. Commercialize. Innovate.

Leverage the breakthrough technologies coming out of the University of Florida to advance your products and services.

Student Engagement – Recruit. Evaluate. Hire.

Discover and interact with the technical innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

Access to Research Facilities – Measure. Characterize. Analyze.

Utilize advanced and unique research and test facilities at the University of Florida to perform specialized testing and analyses.

UF Innovation Station – Live. Learn. Work.

Discover the path to the innovation economy in the State of Florida where education, community, and industry connect.