Data, Access, Payment

Data, Access, Payment

The Center for Information Managements and Education Services (CIMES) at Florida State University manages all data aspects for GCIS:


Title First Name Last Name Email
Executive Director Rebecca Augustyniak
Director Amy Finley
Assistant Director, Web Developer Blair Monroe


GCIS Student Opt-In Portal

  • State of Florida Junior & Senior Undergraduates
  • All Majors Welcome
  • Opt-In to Participate in GCIS
  • Self Enter your student information
  • Deadline of March 17, 2023 for students to register for GCIS (most students register from May to October 2022 for Fall 2023 Graduate School consideration)
  • Enjoy graduate student recruitment from State of Florida public universities

GCIS Database (Users)  

  • University User Access for GCIS Student Data Downloads
  • Login Access Required
  • Annually Re-certify or Sign Up
  • Deadline of March 17, 2023 for all Florida SUS Universities to download from the GCIS database

Annual Payment/Dues to CIMES for Management of GCIS

  • $750 Annual Payment per SUS for Ongoing GCIS Maintenance
  • Due by September 1, 2022
  • Payment to CIMES at FSU