Application and Selection

Application and Selection

1) Review the list of available undergraduate research projects and faculty mentors. If your desired faculty does not have a posted position then contact them directly for any potential availability.

2) Complete and submit the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Undergraduate Research Application.

3) Complete all application requirements for each desired undergraduate research project/faculty mentor as specified on the research projects page. If you are interested in a project that is not listed on the website then please contact the faculty member directly for all necessary application and selection criteria

4) Most application requirements include a faculty mentor interview (some are with the Ph.D. student mentors).  Once the interview or other application/selection process has occurred you should be contacted by the faculty mentor with a final decision on selection or non-selection.

5) Faculty nominate students to HWCOE administration for consideration for the University Scholars Program positions. HWCOE finalizes these decisions and notifies the faculty and student.

6)  If you receive confirmation from the faculty mentor/HWCOE administration that you are selected for the position then you must register for EGN 4912. Registration process for EGN 4912.

7) Attend appropriate Workshops and Seminars.