Engineering Education

Project Title: The Ability to Address Complex Socio-Technical Systems
Department: Engineering Education
Faculty Mentor: John Mendoza-Garcia,
Ph.D. Student Mentor(s): N/A
Terms Available: Fall, Spring, Summer
Student Level: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, 2 students a term
Prerequisites: Interest in Engineering Education
Credit:  1-2 credits via EGN 4912
Stipend: None unless selected for University Scholars
Application Requirements: Basic online application, Resume, UF unofficial transcripts, Faculty interview, email one pdf file with all application requirements to John Mendoza-Garcia,
Application Deadline: March 1 for Summer and Fall terms and November 1 for the Spring Term
Project Description: This project is investigating the Ability to Address Complex Socio-Technical Systems.
This ability encompasses what an engineering student needs to learn to be able to create engineering solutions that satisfy the needs and expectations of different stakeholders (e.g. customers, regulation entities, boards of directors, etc).
Research questions:
What is this ability? How is it learned or developed? How can it be assessed? How can it be effectively taught?
Research methods
Qualitative to understand its learning and generate the assessment tools (phenomenography and content analysis)
Quantitative to assess the effectiveness of its teaching, and standardize its assessment.