IRB Requirement

If you are conducting research on humans directly or indirectly (using identifiable human data or tissue), you must either be approved by the UF IRB to be added to an existing approved study, or have your faculty mentor obtain IRB approval prior to starting your research. Click here for more information.

SURF participants may be able to participate in human research at the University of Florida provided the following conditions are met:

The SURF Student –

  1. Must be under the supervision of a UF faculty member at all times, this is typically your SURF faculty mentor
  2. Sign a confidentiality statement
  3. Complete required privacy training (e.g. HIPAA Training and IRB Training)
  4. Must not be a currently active student at their home institution (i.e. not taking any classes)

The Principal Investigator –

  1. Once all the above requirements have been met, please submit a revision to your protocol to add the student to your study staff, or submit a new protocol with the SURF student as study staff.
  2. Upload as part of the revision or submission a copy of the SURF student application and offer letter to prove affiliation with the program.
  3. Complete and submit an Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement (UIA) with the revision or submission.
  4. Abide by all rules and qualifications for undergraduate students per the UF Department of Sponsored Programs. The SURF student may only perform research functions as indicated in the table at this link, under “Undergraduate Students” (see link below, especially table in document).

Qualifications of a Principal Investigator & Student Roles in Conducting Human Research