Student Offer


  • 10 week summer undergraduate research internship beginning May 26, 2018
  • Opportunity to work directly with one assigned faculty mentor on a unique undergraduate research program
  • Assigned Ph.D. student mentor and/or Postdoc student mentor
  • $5,000 student stipend
  • Room in a UF residence hall in the summer intern housing program (typically 4 students to a quad)
  • Some board or meal plan (typically averages $1,000 a student)
  • Round-trip airfare or mileage from your local address to Gainesville, FL for those who live within a few hours drive
  • Workshops, Seminars, GRE Test Prep course, potential departmental/College academic enrichment activities
  • Social Events and Activities in Gainesville, surrounding areas of Florida.
  • Guaranteed Graduate School Fellowship (4-5 years of full funding pending on the College at UF) or priority consideration for admission and funding.  This stipulation is offered provided the student has a successful SURF experience per their faculty mentor’s recommendation, maintains their same level of high academic performance through the completion of their bachelor’s degree and officially applies Ph.D. with all the necessary requirements for admission.
  • Fall 2019 University of Florida Ph.D. Application Fee Waiver
  • Spring Visit 2019 invitation for Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering participants in February 2019.