2019 Renwick Scholars Bios

The Glenn and Deborah Renwick Engineering Scholarship is awarded to outstanding master’s students who demonstrate a strong background in academics and research. Below features bios from the 2019 Renwick Engineering Scholarship awardees. 

Reena Boruk – Chemical Engineering


Reena Boruk is a Florida resident. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Florida State University. As a Master’s student at the University of Florida, Reena plans to deepen her understanding and conduct research in the field of renewable energy.

Faculty Mentor: David Hibbitts

Tyler Tucker, Computer and Information Science and Engineering


Tyler Tucker earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida and is now pursuing his Master’s in Computer Science. While an undergraduate, Tyler experienced everything from hosting a science fair to co-creating an automatic music transcriber as a senior design project. He plans to continue his engineering studies as a researcher under Dr. Patrick Traynor at FICS lab on campus, where he is currently conducting research in cellular network security.

Faculty Mentors: Patrick Traynor

Rahul Maurya – Computer and Information Science and Engineering


Rahul Maurya received his Bachelor’s degree from the National Institute of Technology in India in Information Technology. At that time, he was an active member of the web team and presented sessions on the trending topics of web development. He has worked on many user interface applications in his professional career. At the University of Florida, Rahul is pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science where he plans to dive deep into the emerging fields of human-computer interaction and AI and aims at finding a way to bridge the gap between man and machine.

Faculty Mentor: Prabhat Mishra

Meghana Reddy – Computer and Information Science and Engineering


Meghana Reddy has earned her Bachelor’s degree from University College of Engineering, Osmania University in India and secured a Gold Medal for being at the top of the University. She has a prior work experience as a Software Engineer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. where she worked for the Auto Finance sector primarily as a Java and Mainframes Developer. Meghana is currently pursuing her Masters degree in the Computer and Information Sciences at University of Florida and hopes to strengthen her knowledge in the Machine Learning field under the guidance of Kejun Huang.

Faculty Mentors: Kejun Huang

Anagha Sai – Electrical and Computer Engineering


Anagha Sai is from India and completed their undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad. They were involved in projects related to machine and deep learning focusing on the importance of improving the performance of the system for it to be in-par with developing applications.  They’re currently pursuing a Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Florida and want to specialize in computer architecture.

Faculty Mentor: Ann Gordon-Ross

Syed Hashmi, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Syed Hashmi is a citizen of New Zealand and received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Auckland in 2018. During his undergraduate studies, he conducted research primarily revolving around the design and simulation of high frequency radio applications and power systems. After completing his Bachelor’s, he worked as a graduate systems engineer, where he gained valuable technical experiences within the research and development sector of the company. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida, where he plans on gaining further insights in the areas of power and protection systems design. 

Faculty Mentors: Arturo Bretas

Emory Gawlik – Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment


Emory Gawlik grew up in South Florida, and attended the University of Florida where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering. She participated in internships at the University of New South Wales’ Water Research Laboratory, the South Florida Water Management District, and Cornwell Engineering in Virginia. These and other undergraduate experiences led her to her passion for water treatment and the desire to pursue a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. She is currently working with Dr. Cornwell to investigate corrosion control in water treatment. In particular, she is working to improve lead solubility models with the hope to understand and reduce lead levels in potable water.

Faculty Mentor: David Cornwell

Alisia Holland – Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment


Alisia Holland is from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and earned her undergraduate degree in geology at Florida State University. While at FSU, she conducted research at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in geochemistry and paleoclimatology. She then spent a year in a doctoral program at the University of Georgia where she researched phosphorus nutrition and cycling in photosynthetic communities and how it impacts the carbon cycle and, ultimately, global climate. She is working towards a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering.

Faculty Mentors: Jean-Claude Bonzongo

Peter Filep – Industrial and Systems Engineering


Peter Filep is originally from Targu Mures, Romania and is currently working on his Master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a minor in Physics. During his undergraduate degree, he worked for three years as a teaching assistant for Dr. Ira Hill’s Computer Programming for Engineers course in MATLAB. During that time, he also completed two summer internships at NASA’s Glenn Research Center working on optimizing a process for characterizing flow in transparent media and forecasting harmful algae blooms in collaboration with NOAA. Peter is currently working on a project with Dr. Yongpei Guan and Dr. Hongcheng Liu on a special case of the Vehicle Routing Problem and plans to continue a career in optimization and operations research. In his free time, he likes to play with his dog, Bear.

Faculty Mentors: Yongpei Guan and Hongcheng Liu

Xueyang Peng – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Xueyang Peng earned her bachelor’s degree in Building Environment and Energy application engineering from Tianjin University in China. She is now pursuing her Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and specializing in Thermal Sciences and Fluid Dynamics. She is focusing on HVAC systems and simulations for the purpose of low-cost adjustment and operation management of existing large public buildings during her undergraduate study. She hopes to continue her study in Dr. Sherif‘s lab to further her understanding in the field of thermal system and sustainable energy.

Faculty Mentors: S.A. Sherif 

Noah Ferson – Materials Science and Engineering


Noah Ferson is originally from Oklahoma before making his way to Florida. While pursuing his undergraduate degree at the University of Florida in Materials Science and Engineering, he was able to gain valuable experience as an intern at several different companies in manufacturing and biotechnology. As an undergraduate, he was able to partake in a research project on fabricating nanomaterial-based devices. This has led to his passion for research and desire to pursue a Ph. D. after finishing his Master’s degree at the University of Florida. He hopes to work in the biomedical field in a research and development capacity after graduation, with the goal to develop novel materials to improve patient outcomes as a whole. 

Faculty Mentors: Jennifer Andrew 

Diego Gordon Headshot
Diego Gordon, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Diego Gordon earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida. During his undergraduate degree he was involved in a research project in partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation, and also aiding a Ph.D. candidate in his experimentation. He is pursuing a Master’s degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering with a specialization of Thermal Sciences and Fluid Dynamics to strengthen his knowledge about renewable energy and thermal systems. He plans to continue as a researcher under Dr. Jonathan Scheffe at the Renewable Energy Conversion Laboratory on campus, where he can culminate his studies with a Master’s thesis.

Faculty Mentors: Jonathan Scheffe