Pitch-off Process

2017 SEC Student Pitch Competition

  1. All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full time in spring 2017, summer 2017, OR fall 2017 semesters were eligible for the competition. Doctoral students participating in what each university considers to be a full course load were eligible, as were students enrolled in the university’s Executive MBA program.  Each university selected their Champion Team in any way they chose.
  2. Teams that have attained over $100k in Gross Revenue from operations to date resulting from sales of products and/or services based on the subject matter of the Team’s presentation were not eligible. Team Member(s) must be a principle(s) on the subject of the Team presentation to be eligible for the competition. Teams that are providing ancillary studies (e.g. marketing studies, business plans) of another group or person’s idea or offering were not eligible.
  3. All SEC University Champion Teams will present in front of two Preliminary Round panels in parallel sessions in two rooms.
  4. Each Team will be randomly assigned a room and presentation order for their initial First Round. A cohort of 7 teams will initially present in one Preliminary Round room, while the second cohort of 7 other teams will initially present in parallel in a second room.
  5. From 1:00-3:00pm, each team will have 10 minutes of uninterrupted presentation time, followed by up to 5 minutes of Q&A by the judges.
  6. From 3:30-5:30pm, judges will switch rooms so teams will present in front of a second panel of judges in reverse order of the first Round.
  7. From 5:30‐6:00 pm, Teams will have the opportunity to debrief with the judges.
  8. From 6:00-6:30 pm, judges will confer and select three non‐ordered finalists to present in the Final Round.
  9. From 6:45-7:30pm, the Final Round will be held during the evening reception at the Evans Championship Club at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.
  10. From 7:30-8:00 pm, the Final Round judges will confer and select 1st through 3rd place winners that will be announced during the Reception.