Engineering Innovation Minor

A curriculum designed to prepare a generation of engineers capable of solving global problems and creating and commercializing the discoveries that will transform the future.

The New Engineer at the UF Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering is a leader, creative, focused on innovation and discovery, interdisciplinary, and a contributor to both the innovation economy and global community. The Engineering Innovation Minor provides the academic background for graduates to think more creatively, innovatively, and entrepreneurially. Students who complete the minor are more rounded with innovation skill sets that enhance career advancement opportunities – for employees or in their own entrepreneurial pursuits.

The curriculum enhances the engineering discipline with courses in engineering attributes, communications, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership, and project management, completed with an internship/co-op experience.

Required Courses

All the required courses listed below, except Professional Communication for Engineers, are offered through Engineering Innovation and Engineering Leadership Institutes. For a complete description of the courses please visit the Certificate and Courses page.

 Courses  Credits
ENC 3246 Professional Communication for Engineers  3
EGN 4643 Engineering Innovation  3
Choose two:
EGN 4641 Engineering Entrepreneurship and/or
EGS 4100 Divergent Thinking and/or
EGS 4038 Engineering Leadership and/or
EGS 4625 Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management
EGN 4940 Engineering Internship/Co-op, or
One of the following internship/co-op offerings specific to departments:
CGN 4949, CIS 4940, CIS 4949, EAS 4949, ECH 4948, ECH 4949, EEL 4948, EEL 4949, EGN 5949, EMA 4949, EML 4945, EML 4949, ENU 4949, ENV 4949, ESI 4949
 Total  15

For more detailed information, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.

Open to all Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering majors. Students can only complete one UF Innovation minor. Students cannot earn both the Engineering Innovation minor and certificate.