Venues (On&Off Campus)

Contracts / Agreements exempt from review by UF Procurement Services:

These contracts can be signed by your Dean, Director or Chair.

  • Austin Cary Forest
  • Baughman Center
  • Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
    • Evans Champion Club
    • North End Zone Concourse
    • Touchdown Terrace
  • Emerson Alumni Hall
  • Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Harn Museum
  • Harrell Medical Education Building (HMEB)
  • Lake Wauburg
  • The O’Connell Center
  • The President’s House
  • Reitz Union Hotel
  • Smathers Library
  • Straughn Center
  • UF Coral Gables
  • UF Department of Housing
  • UF Historic Saint Augustine Government House
  • UF Performing Arts Center
  • UF Research and Academic Center Lake Nona (UFRAC)

Contracts / Agreements processed by UF Procurement Services:

Use the Agreement Intake Form for Departments if you have an agreement that requires review and signature of UF Procurement Services. (For all contracts that are from venus NOT on the list above.)

Form can be found by following these steps: myUFL > Main Menu > myUF Market Admin > myUF Market > Agreement Intake Form for Departments

They will return the agreement to you fully executed. Examples of when to use this form include:

  • When there is a no cost agreement
  • For loan equipment
  • An event paid on PCard
  • Agreement on behalf of an organization such as 4-H

For Venues that have a Non-Refundable Deposit and a Cancellation Clause in their Agreement/Contract; Procurement will require an Attrition/Cancellation Letter signed by your Dean, Director or Chair.

Sample Language for the letter is below:

The [department name] is hosting/attending a [event type] at the [vendor name] in [vendor location] on [event date]. The expenses associated with the [event type] will be paid for using [fund code] funds (or grant name if applicable). This letter confirms that in the event the [event type] is cancelled or falls short of its projected attendance, the [department name] agrees to be financially responsible for all cancellation or attrition charges assessed by the vendor under the contract. 

Further, it is understood that cancellation and attrition charges cannot be assumed using State appropriated funds or some grant funds. We will use fund code ___ to pay for any cancellation or attrition charges.

The [DEPARTMENT] agrees to be financially responsible for paying a non-refundable advanced payment/deposit of [$amount] for [EVENT/SERVICE] on [DATE]. The expenses associated with the [EVENT/SERVICE] will be paid for using the [FUND CODE or GRANT NAME IF POSSIBLE]. The [DEPARTMENT] understands that the contract stipulates that deposits and advanced payments will not be refunded if [DEPARTMENT] cancels the contract without cause.

Please also note that the college cannot use 101 funds to pay for food at the event – you will have to find another source of funds for the payment (food on 101 fund is allowed only in very limited cases).