AY2016-17 Winners

BME portrait 3_1

Shannon Brown, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering

“To me, leadership became a way to foster and cultivate the abilities of fellow students without losing humility or respect for those around me.”

Giovanni De La Torre2

Giovanni De La Torre
Senior, Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Leadership is so much more than being in charge. It is a journey, it is an experience, and more importantly, it is a cycle.”


Ian Hahus, Ph.D.
Agricultural and Biological Engineering

“More than anything, leadership is having fun. I know that leadership positions look good on applications, and I do believe that they help me grow as a person, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be as passionate about being a leader if it wasn’t fun for me.”

Jason Ortiz

Jason Ortiz
Senior, Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering

“Leadership is much more than just ‘leading others.’ It is unswerving loyalty to a team’s vision and constantly striving to inspire and equip others with the tools needed to get there!”

Regina Rodriguez

Regina Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Environmental Engineering Sciences

“Effective leadership is not all about the ability to get others to follow you though; it also entails practicing the right behaviors, setting the right example, sharing your vision with others, fostering collaborations, strengthening your peers, and recognizing contributions made by the members of the team that is being led by YOU!”