Add a New Page

Add a New Page

Enter page title and content

User Role: Editor and above

NOTE: Pages appear in your website’s main navigation, so you should think about where they belong before creating one.

  1. From the Dashboard choose Pages > Add New.
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  2. Enter a Page Title. This should be short, but descriptive.
    1. Add a Subtitle if you want to provide more information.
    2. Add Title Override Text if you want the title displayed at the top of the page to differ from what is shown in the navigation menu.
  3. Type or copy and paste your page content.
    Note: your page content will look different in the edit window than it does in the browser. Preview your page from the Publish pane for the most accurate representation of what your page will actually look like.

    1. To create section headings, use the formats dropdown to create hierarchical headlines (Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.), rather that bolding and resizing text.
    2. Add images and files using the Add Media button.
    3. If the Gravity Forms plugin is enabled on your site, add forms using the Add Form button.
  4. If you wish this page to automatically link to another page on your site or externally, select the “A custom URL” radio button under Page Links To and enter the URL.  [ view image ]
  5. Add an excerpt. This is optional, but it is what your users see when the page comes up in search engine results, which can greatly increase click-through rates. [ view image ]
  6. page-attributesSet Page Attributes. “Parent” determines where the page will go in your site hierarchy. A higher number in the “Order” field will move the page further down the menu. “Template” chooses the page template.
  7. Enter tags to help organize your content so it’s easier for users to find similar content.
  8. Set Publishing Options and Publish, Preview, or Save Draft.