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Accessible web content

The Gator Engineering website is required to comply with Web Content Accessibility guidelines. Please see our best accessibility practices to ensure that content you add to the website is viewable and understandable to individuals with disabilities who may be using assistive technology to visit our sites.

The content edit window in WordPress
The content edit window in WordPress

NOTE: The edit window in WordPress does not show your content exactly the way it will look on the website. To get an accurate representation, click the “Preview” button in the Publish pane. [ view image ]

Type copy directly into the large text area, or copy and paste from another document.

visual-text-tabIf you wish to edit the HTML code of your page content, select the “Text” tab at the top right of the content edit pane. Otherwise, select the “Visual” tab.


Rather than formatting headings by making text bold, it’s better to make it a hierarchical heading. Select or click in the line you wish to make into a heading and use the “Paragraph” dropdown box to select Heading 2 through Heading 5 (Heading 1 is reserved for main page titles).  [ view image ]

Elements and Formatting

Mouse over the buttons above the edit window for a brief description of what they do. Some of the more useful items:

button-linkLinks: select the text or image you wish to link, then click the link button and enter the full URL or choose an existing page on the site.

button-listsBulleted or numbered lists make your content easier to read on the web.

Formats: several text formats are available, including a lead-in paragraph, bullet list with arrow bullets, and orange or dark blue text.  [ view image ]

button-left-rightLeft- and right-aligned containers: allow for creating columns within your page content area.

button-blockquoteBlockquote: special formatting for quotes and testimonials.

“Insert” menu: allows you to insert horizontal lines to break up sections of content, anchors to link within pages, and other elements. [ view image ]

Tables: should only be used for displaying tabular data, not for arranging text or images in columns.  [ view image ]