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  • Adam Ginsburg, Assistant Professor, Astronomy
  • Amy Williams, Assistant Professor, Geology
  • Andy Schuerger, Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology
  • Anna-Lisa Paul, Research Professor and Director of UF ICBR
  • Charlie Telesco, Professor, Astronomy
  • Elisabeth Barton, Professor and Acting Associate Dean, Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
  • Forrest Masters, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Facilities, Engineering
  • Heather McGregor, Postdoctoral Fellow, Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
  • Jamie Foster, Professor, Microbiology and Cell Science
  • Jasmeet Judge, Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • John Conklin, Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Josephine Allen, Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Kelly Rice, Associate Professor, Microbiology and Cell Science
  • Paul Torrey, Assistant Professor, Astronomy
  • Rachael Seidler, Professor, Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
  • Rob Ferl, Research Professor and Assistant Vice President for Research – Strategic Projects
  • Siobhan Malany, Associate Professor, Pharmacodynamics
  • Steve Miller, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


NameDepartmentCollegeResearch Interests (of relevance to NASA)
Aakanksha JhaBiomedical engineeringHWCOEAssessing tubule/vessel formation of endothelial cells in a 3D microenvironment, after culturing in simulated microgravity (RWV)
Aaron ColversonMusicCLASHealth
Ahmad A. OmarCRECCALSPlant Biology
Ahmed HelmyComputer and Information Science and EngineeringHWCOEMobile Networking, Network Analytics & Simulation, Protocol design & stress testing, interplanetary networks
Alberto CanestrelliCivil and Coastal EngineeringHWCOEEarth Sciences
Alberto FedeleMechanical and AerospaceHWCOERe-entry, Cubesat
Alex GarciaAstronomyCLASLarge Scale Structure of the Universe
Alexander AyzengartSurgeryCOMRobotic surgery
Alexander StantChemistryCALSMaterial sciences
Amanda KrauseMaterials Science and EngineeringHWCOEextreme materials, material processing
Amber HardieDivision of Sponsored ProgramsUF ResearchAll
Amy SteinLawCLASLaw
Ana Martin-RyalsAgricultural and Biological EngineeringCALSSpace life-support systems, resource recovery and reuse
Andreja PackardNeurologyCOMSleep
Andrew JP O'ConnorMaterials Science and EngineeringHWCOEspace radiation shielding; radioisotope power sources
Angela Gonella-DiazaNFRECCALSanimal physiology and reproduction
Anish TaylorFLAREHWCOEAerodynamics
Anitra MayhannOtherdrone
Anthony Cesar concepcionMechanical EngieeringHWCOEMechanical Engineering/ Battery Research
Antonio FaciolaAnimal SciencesCALSAnimal food sources
April BidwellWewahitchka High SchoolEducationMoon
Ashish AggarwalEngineering EducationHWCOECS, Scientific Computing, Engineering Education
Ashok KumarMechanical and AerospaceHWCOEComputational Mechanics
Assel AitkaliyevaMaterials Science & EngineeringHWCOEradiation effects
Barbara EdmondsUF/IFAS Extension Levy CountyCALSHort science - biology
Blanka SharmaBiomedcial EngineeringHWCOEbiomedical (effects of space travel on immune system functions and musculoskeletal health)
Bonnie WellsUF/IFAS Extension Brevard CountyCALSPlants, soils, horticulture production
Boone PrenticeChemistryCLASMass spectrometry, gas-phase ion chemistry
Boyi HuIndustrial and Systems EngineeringHWCOEHuman-Systems Engineering, Human Factors
Braham DhillonPlant PathologyCALSFungal biology
Brandon WilsonBiomedical EngineeringHWCOESpace Physiology and Cellular Dynamics
Brent ChristnerMCSCALSPolar science, life detection, and astrobiology
Brian GendreauFinanceBusinessPublic finance, contracting
Canan BalabanRPDUF ResearchFaculty Assistance
carla mavianpathologyCOMmicroorganisms evolution and origins
Chang-Yu WuEnvironmental Engineering SciencesHWCOESpace Technology
Christine V HadadUF ResearchUF ResearchAtmospheric Remediation
Cindy SpenceUF Research CommunicationsUF ResearchCommunication on all
Claudio SpiguelEngineering Leadership InstituteHWCOEEngineering Ethics
Clyde FraisseAgricultural & Biological EngineeringCALSApplication of global precipitation and soil moisture products
Corey Toler-FranklinComputer and Information Science and EngineeringHWCOEDeep Learning, Quantum Computing, Physics-Based Simulations, Multispectral Imaging
Cristian CardenasMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringHWCOEEnergy Management, Energy Efficiency, and Solar Energy
Dan HahnEntomology & nematologyCALSAnimal dormancy, stress physiology, crop pollination
Dan ShieldsAACCLASexoplanets, propulsion
Daniel LeeAg & Bio EngrCALSremote sensing
Daniel PerondiAgricultural & Biological EngineeringCALSCrop insurance, crop modeling, information systems, databases
Danielle BarrientosHistoryCLAScurrent investigations of NASA project, faculty engagement and research
Danny IndelicatoRadiation Oncology/Proton Therapy InstituteCOMProtron and neutron irradiation
Denis ValleSchool of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics SciencesCALSLIDAR, hyperspectral data, biodiversity, land use/land cover change
Derek Merck PhDEmergency MedicineCOMCS, AI
DIPIKA MISHRABiological SciencesEducationMicrobiology
Dr Roger Q Austin IIIPolitical ScienceCLASfunding and budget implications of/for NASA
Eakta JainCISEHWCOEHuman factors, Eye tracking, Graphics, Virtual Reality
Elif AkcaliISEBusinessInventory planning for medical capabilities to support human exploration
Elizabeth ShephardAGOtherAG
Emerick LarkinAgricultural and Biological EngineeringCALSMicrobiomes, Controlled Environments, BLSS
Erica TurchinElectrical & Computer EngineeringHWCOENASA
Erika MooreMaterials Science and EngineeringHWCOESpace Biology Program
Fatemeh BaniasadApplied Physiology and KinesiologyHHPneuroplasticity in spaceflight
Flavia Tabay ZambonHorticultural Sciences DepartmentCALSGrowing crops, food production
Gabriel Pereira PundrichAccountingBusinessArtificial intelligence
Gagan Deep Sharmaplant PathologyCALSdeveloping state-of-the-art technologies for future space missions and figuring out how to feed and sustain astronauts on long missions.
Gerrit HoogenboomAgricultural and Biological EngineeringCALSCrop Modeling
Glenn KnoxSurgeryOthervestibular and auditory physiology; cancer
Grant TaysApplied Physiology & KinesiologyHHPSensorimotor adaptation
Haein KimElectrical and Computer EngineeringHWCOEAntenna and RF front end
Harold HollisPhysicsCLASLISA Telescope
Heidi C. PowellSchool of Art and Art HistoryCoTAIntersections between the arts, cosmos, and Indigeneity
Ion GhivirigaChemistryCLASNMR
J Humberto RamosMechanical and aerospace engineeringHWCOEGuidance navigation and controls
James CauraughApplied Physiology & KinesiologyHHPSpace flight and motor learning
James FairbanksComputer and Information Science and EngineeringHWCOEScientific Computing, Programming Languages
James StrotherBiologyCLASVertebrate physiology, microscopy, optics
Jasmeet JudgeAgricultural and Biological EngineeringHWCOERemote sensing
Jasmine McNealyTelecommunicationsCJCData governance, surveillance, infrastructure
jason widrichanesthesiologyCOMfiberoptic robotic camera for medical uses, CPR in low gravity environments
Jean BossartMarston Science LibraryBusinessGeneral information
Jennifer FillForest, Fisheries, and Geomatic SciencesCALSterrestrial biodiversity, ecosystem science, and climate change
Jennifer HagenOrthopedicsCOMtissue regeneration
Jeongim KimHorticultural SciencesCALSPlants in space
Jessica SongUF Research DevelopmentUF ResearchResearch Opps
Jiangxiao QiuSchool of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics SciencesCALSLand use/cover change, terrestrial ecology, earth science
Jianping WangAgronomy DepartmentCALSLegume-bacterial symbiosis
Jing PanMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringHWCOEBiosensors, Biomanufacturing in Space
Jing ZhaoTheatre and DanceCoTAMusic and Sound Design
John BossartIFAS/Center for Land Use EfficiencyCALSSoil nutrient management
Jonathan BrooksMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringHWCOESTMD
Jordan CallahamJordan CallahamCALSBiology and Tech Development
jorg petersComputer and Information Science and EngineeringHWCOEmodeling material microstructures, eg heat for shields; multiphysics + geometry
Joseph John ThalakkottorMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringHWCOEmultiphase flow and microfluidics
Josepha Cheong MDPsychiatryCOMMood disorders/agitation/interpersonal coaching
Josephine AllenMSEHWCOESpace Biology
Juan Claudio NinoMaterials Science and EngineeringOtherMaterials under extreme environments
Juan GuanPhysicsCLASbiomaterials, living cells
Julio DuartePharmacotherapy and Translational ResearchCOPClinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics
Kaidong SongMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringHWCOE3D printing
Karen StaudermanUF/IFAS Ag Extension Volusia CountyCALSAgriculture, plant, Horticulture
Karla ArboledaUF Research CommunicationsHWCOE
KAterie GladdysArt + Technology - School of Art and Art HistoryCoTAattending to learn - amateur stargazer
Katherine Deliz Deliz QuinonesEESHWCOEmicrobiome of build environments in space stations
Katherine Todd-BrownEnvironmental Engineering SciencesHWCOEland carbon dynamics
Kathleen HupfeldAPKHHPbrain imaging
Kavya Navaneetha KrishnanMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringHWCOEFluids and thermal sciences
Kaylene SattannoFYCSCALSFood Science
Keith SearlesChemistryCLASEnergy, materials, catalysis
Kejun HuangComputer and Information Science and EngineeringHWCOEmachine learning
Kellie CrawfordOffice of ResearchHWCOEStructure and research
Kelly JacobyUF Research/Research DevelopmentUF ResearchUF Research - Research Development
Kelly MorganSouthwest Florida Research and Education CenterCALSFood production
Kelly Ugarellimicrobiology and cell scienceCALSMicrobiology
Kelsey SinclairGenetics InstituteCOMComputational sciences and mechanical engineering
Kevin OttoBiomedical EngineeringHWCOENeural Engineering
Khiem TranEngineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & EnvironmentHWCOEGeophysical testing
Kimberly MooreUF FLRECCALSsalt stress on plants; saline water; plant growth
Kyla McMullenComputer and Information Science and EngineeringHWCOEAR, VR, Human Factors, HCI, 3D Audio
Kyle HartigNuclear EngineeringHWCOERemote Sensing, Isotope Science, Plasmas
Lacey JacksonUniversity of Florida Office of Clinical ResearchBusinessAstrophysics
Lakiesha WilliamsBiomedical EngineeringHWCOETissue and Organ Damage Mechanics
Laurie GowerMaterials Science & EngineeringHWCOEastronaut's bone loss and kidney stone formation
Lawrence UkeileyMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringHWCOEAeronautics
Leah ReznikovPhysiological SciencesVetMedairway physiology, neuroscience, cell culture, large animals
Leah ShelleyRecreational SportsHHPHealth and Human Performance
Leigh Anne BrewsterPK Yonge DRSBusinessEngineering/Robotics
Lexie Shannon HollidayOrthodonticsDentistryBone remodeling and bone biomimetics
Lina CuiMedicinal ChemistryCOPDiagnostics, drug discovery
Lisa AnthonyComputer and Information Science and EngineeringHWCOEhuman-centered computing / interface design
Lisa HamiltonUF IFAS Extension Volusia CountyCALSsustainability, educational technology, youth education
Lorena LopezDepartment of EntomologyCALSthe possibility of arthropod-like fossilized organisms in mars
Lucia Pastor PalomoPathologyOtherInfectious Diseases, Immunology and Genetics
Luisa Amelia DempereResearch Service Centers & Materials Science and EngineeringHWCOEMaterials Research
Mahwish AnsariUniversity of Florida Police DepartmentOtherAstronomy Enthusiast
Mark McCauleyBiologyOtherBacterial metabolites
Markus SchneiderComputer ScienceHWCOEComputer Science, databases, geometrical and spatial computing
Matthew EddyChemistryCLASBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Mecky PohlschroderBiologyOtherLife in extreme environments
Mediha GurelBiomedical EngineeringBusinessCell and Tissue Engineering
Megan M ButalaMaterials Science and EngineeringHWCOEelectronic and energy storage materials
Melanie J CorrellAgricultural and Biological EngineeringHWCOEAdvanced life support/plant -microbe systems biology/automation/Controlled Env. Ag.
michael generaleMech. & Aerospace EngineeringHWCOERobotic and human space exploration
Michael HofmannCCLASAi
Michael J MulvaneyAgronomy/WFRECCALSPlant growth
Nancy Ruzyckimaterials science and engineeringHWCOE3D printing, Feedstock for printing
Nathalie WallNuclear EngineeringHWCOEnuclear chemistry/radiochemistry/
Nathan O'NeilABECALSbiological life support systems, and controlled systems agriculture
Neeka SewnathBiologyCLASBioinformatics, Genetics
Nian WangMCSCALSPlant pathology and space breeding
Nicole GiorgiChemistryOtherChemical engineering, Chemistry
Nicole Sayson Van MirOccupational TherapyPHHPWanting to do a capstone related to NASA and occupational therapy
Pae W SwansonAstronomyCLASAstrobiology
Paul Muellergeological SciencesCLASTerrestrial records of astrophysical events
Paul SellAstronomyCLASHigh Energy Astrophysics, Galaxies
Peng JiangChemical EngineeringHWCOECoatings, sensors, nanomaterials
Pete AxsonPhysicsCLASResearch support
Philip FengElectrical and Computer EngineeringHWCOESolid-State Devices and Sensors, Microsystems, Nanotechnology, Low-Noise Transducers and Metrology, Quantum Engineering
Plato SmithGeorge A. Smathers LibrariesSmathers LibrariesAI, data management
Prabhat MishraComputer and Information Science and EngineeringHWCOEEnergy, Security
Prashant GaneshMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringHWCOERobotics, Autonomy
Rachael SeidlerApplied Physiology & KinesiologyHHPHuman performance, brain, SANS
Rachel DollUniversity Press of FloridaOtherNot a researcher
Ramon MirandaChemistryCLAStheoretical and computational chemistry
Ravi KumarApplied Physiology and KinesiologyHHPmuscle function with prolonged spaceflight
Raymond BantonAstrophysicsCLASA.I in data
Renuka BowrothuElectrical and Computer EngineeringHWCOERF
Rosvel G BrachoSchool of OFrest, Fisheries and Geomatic SciencesOtherEarth Sicneces
S M Enamul Hoque YousufElectrical & Computer EngineeringHWCOEPhotonics, MEMS
S.A. SherifMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringHWCOESpacecraft Thermal Management
Saeyeong JeonECE departmentUF ResearchMicrowave applications
Sandra guzmanAgricultural and Biological engineeringCALSagricultural and water research
Sandra LoesgenChemistryCALSmicrobiology, drug discovery and production in microbes
Sanjeev KoppalElectrical and Computer EngineeringHWCOEComputer Vision and Cameras
Sara BehdadESSIEHWCOEHuman robot collaboration
Sara HumphreyEnvironmental Horticulture DepartmentCALSAstrobotany (plants in space)
Sara PollockMathematicsCLASComputational mathematics
Sara RampazziComputer and Information Science and EngineeringHWCOECyberphysical system security
Scott WasmanESSIEHWCOEHypergravity experimental research
Sherrilene ClassenOccupational TherapyPHHPTransportation and AI
shweta chhajedBiologyCLASSpace plants metabolomics and proteomics
Sian HunterUniversity of Florida PressOtherhistory of space and technology
Simon PhillpotMaterials Science and EngineeringHWCOEablative heat shields; cell dynamics in zero gravity
Sobha JaishankarUF ResearchUF Researchsupporting all investigators
Sriyanka LahiriEntomologyCALSArthropod pest management
Stefan BrauneckerAnesthesiologyCOMEmergency medicine in microgravity
Steven T BruckbauerBiologyOtherSpace and Astro-biology
Sujata KrishnaPhysicsCLASPhysics education, active learning
Sumire SatoApplied Physiology and KinesiologyHHPHealth, walking adaptation, neural control of motion
Susan TrianaEngineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & EnvironmentHWCOEI want to learn
Tahmid KaisarElectrical and computer engineeringHWCOEMEMS, Sensors, Transducers
Tamara RevazishviliEmerging Pathogens InstituteCOMFuture grant with NASA
Thalia SassMolecular and cell biologyOtherPlanetary protection & astrobiology
Tian ZhiSociology and Criminology and LawCLASNo
Tie LiuHorticultural Science DepartmentCALSExtending shelf life of vegetables and fruit
Tong Geon LeeHorticultural SciencesCALSplant genetics
Tory MooreUF/IFAS CommunicationsOtherpublic relations/communications
Ulrich StinglMicrobiology & Cell ScienceCALSEnvironmental Microbiology
Utkarsh AhujaMAEHWCOE.
Valerie De AndaMarine SciencesEducationAstrobiology
Victoria MillerMaterials Science and EngineeringHWCOElow density materials, manufacturing in space
Vincent LecoursSchool of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics SciencesCALSRemote Sensing
Wagner VendrameEnvironmental HorticultureCALSMutations and Differential Gene Expression in Plants as affected by Microgravity
Wen SuiElectrical & Computer EngineeringHWCOEMEMS & NEMS
Wenbin GuoDigital Worlds InstituteCoTAHuman Exploration
Xavier MartiniEntomologyOtherSpace pollination, invertebrate behavior in space
Xiaochen XianIndustrial & Systems EngineeringHWCOEBig data analytics, UAV, monitoring
Xiaoyu SongCivil and Coastal EngineeringHWCOEGeomechanics, Multiphysics modeling, Desiccation cracks on Mars
Xin TangMAEHWCOEAerospace
Yasser NehelaPlant PathologyCALSPlant physiology, development, and response in the space
YK YoonElectrical and Computer EngineeringHWCOEWireless power transfer
Yong HuangMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringHWCOEAdvanced manufacturing
Yousong DingMedicinal ChemistryCOPtherapeutic use, synthetic biology, space biology
Yu WangFood Science and Human NutritionCALSfood stability for space
Yuncong LiuElectrical & Computer EngineeringHWCOEoptomechanics
Yunong WangElectrical & Computer EngineeringHWCOENano & Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
Zhaohui TongAgricultural and Biological EngineeringCALSBio-based products
Zhonglin MouMicrobiology and Cell ScienceCALSPlant immunity
Ziqi JiaElectrical and Computer Engineering DepartmentOtherMaterials Science, Electrical Engineering
Ziwen YuAgricultural and Biological EngineeringHWCOEEarth science, water resource management, climate, weather
Ziynet BozAgricultural and Biological EngineeringCALSFood processing, packaging, sustainable food systems