2021-2022 Awards for the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

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Photo of HWCOE college awards at last year's awards ceremony.

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering presented its annual awards to faculty, staff, and students for the 2021-2022 academic year on April 22, 2022. These awards celebrate the excellence and fundamental values of our college.

2021-2022 Faculty Awardees

International Educator of the Year

  • Senior Faculty Award – Ahmed Helmy, Ph.D.
  • Junior Faculty Award – Christina Boucher, Ph.D.

Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Award

  • Youping Chen, Ph.D.
  • Domenic Forte, Ph.D.
  • Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D.
  • Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos, Ph.D.
  • Cherie Stabler, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Teacher of the Year

  • Sarah Furtney, Ph.D.

Faculty Advising/Mentor of the Year

  • Sindia Rivera-Jiménez, Ph.D.

Teacher/Scholar of the Year

  • Alina Zare, Ph.D.

Pramod P. Khargonekar Junior Faculty Award for Excellence

  • Assel Aitkaliyeva, Ph.D.

Excellence Award for Assistant Professors

  • Matthew T. Hale, Ph.D.

Excellence in Leadership Faculty Award

  • Parisa Rashidi, Ph.D.

Excellence in Innovation Faculty Award

  • John W. Conklin, Ph.D.
  • Ruogu Fang, Ph.D.

2021-2022 Staff Awardees

International Educator of the Year Staff Award

  • Adrienne L. Cook

Professional Advisor of the Year Staff Award

  • Sophie Spratley, Ph.D.

Excellence in Leadership Staff Award

  • Shannon Chillingworth

Excellence in Innovation Staff Award

  • Ismael Arroyo
  • Barbi Jackson

2021-2022 Student Awardees

Attributes of a Gator Engineer Awards

  • Creativity – Katie Lara & Qi (Judy) Zhu
    (Honorable Mention: George Gonzalez and Yutiwadee Pinyochotiwong)
  • Leadership – Brendan Wernisch & Joshua Peeples
    (Honorable Mention: Mitch Mika, Yutiwadee Pinyochotiwong, Nagarajan (Neil) Rajagopal, and Sagar Patni)
  • Integrity – Brianna Pawlyshyn & Julian Rey
    (Honorable Mention: Chelsea Rosen and Troy Tharpe)
  • Professional Excellence – Parker Kotlarz & Max Greene
    (Honorable Mention: Nedgine Joseph, Garrett Fullerton, and Ziqin Ding)
  • Service to the Global Community – Isabella Campbell & Sripriya Nannu Shankar
    (Honorable Mention: Mariana Lopez-Ramirez and Edwin Marte Zorilla)

Outstanding Gator Engineering M.S. Scholar

  • Nicolas Macaluso

Outstanding Gator Engineering Four-Year Scholar

  • Parker Kotlarz

Outstanding Gator Engineering Two-Year Scholar

  • Samantha Allen

Dean Jonathan F.K. Earle Engineering Leadership Award

  • Sydney Yu

Dean Joseph Weil Engineering Leadership Award

  • Kaylee Cunningham

Student Commencement Speaker Award

  • Parker Kotlarz
  • Anna Raymaker

Gator Engineering Student Society Recognition Award for Excellence

To Be Announced

UF Society of Women Engineers’ Outstanding Support for Women in Engineering Award

To Be Announced