As sporting events like the Olympics evolve, UF takes the lead in athletic innovation

In Featured, In the Headlines, NewsBy Abby WeingartenStory originally published on UF News

Image of a male runner outside with health and fitness stats superimposed

Global sports are shifting rapidly, changing how the 2024 Olympics will be played and who will be playing. With new technology emerging and accessibility for athletes improving, sports across the world barely resemble what they did 128 years ago at Athens 1896

This summer in Paris, France, everything will be different. And as that transformation happens, the experts at the University of Florida will be intently watching, studying, and innovating.

Changing the game

UF – the Sunshine State’s home of the Gators and Gatorade – is already known internationally for its sports prowess. But, in the past year, it has grown into even more of an athletic think tank, with a slew of sports-related strategic initiatives coming to life across campus. 

These projects – covering everything from enhancing performance in para-athletes to using AI to collect sports-related health data – are helping shape the evolution of events like the Olympics and the Paralympic Games. What is researched and built at UF will undoubtedly have a ripple effect on the sports arena for decades to come.

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