Meet Our New Engineers

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The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering has welcomed 72 faculty members from 2015 through 2018.  And we are just getting started. 

As one of the largest and most dynamic engineering programs in the nation, with curriculum offered across nine departments, 15 degree programs, and more than 20 centers and institutes, we produce leaders and problem-solvers who take a multidisciplinary approach to innovative and human-centered solutions. Students, faculty and alumni are hailed as New Engineers who aim to transform the way we live, work and play.

Meet our New Engineers. 


Agricultural and Biological Engineering

J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering

Computer and Information Science and Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Joaquin J. Casanova, Research Assistant Professor
  • Alina Z. Glenn, Associate Professor
  • Joel Harley, Assistant Professor
  • Yier Jin, Associate Professor
  • Michael F. Mitchell, Research Assistant Professor
  • Sandip Ray, Professor
  • Narayan Subramanian, Research Assistant Professor

Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment

  • Andrew H. Altieri, Assistant Professor
  • Alberto Canestrelli, Assistant Professor
  • Lili Du, Associate Professor
  • Katrina A. Indarawis, Research Assistant Professor
  • Clark Letter, Research Assistant Professor
  • Kyle A. Riding, Associate Professor

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering 

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Engineering Innovation Institute

  • William J. McElroy, Engineer
  • Claudio Spiguel, Professor of Practice
  • Melda Uzbil, Assistant Director 

Florida Applied Research in Engineering

  • Richard L. Vigeant, Director

Institute for Excellence in Engineering Education

  • Ashish Aggarwal, Lecturer
  • Jeremiah J. Blanchard, Assistant Engineer
  • David J. Cheney, Lecturer
  • Joshua E. Fox, Lecturer
  • John A. Mendoza Garcia, Lecturer
  • Cheryl Resch, Lecturer
  • Sindia Rivera Jimenez, Lecturer
  • Lillianny J. Virguez Barroso, Lecturer

UF Transportation Institute

  • Nithin K. Agarwal, Assistant Engineer