Pioneer of renewable fuels remembered

In In Memoriam, News by Jen Ambrose

Dr. Alex Green passed away on March 12, 2014 at the age of 94. He was a decorated Air Force veteran who served in World War II, and a warmly regarded faculty member in the College of Engineering.

Dr. Green came to the University of Florida as a graduate research professor in 1963. He worked in the departments of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Nuclear & Radiological Engineering for forty years, and then for another eleven as a professor emeritus.

In retirement as with his years on campus, Dr. Green was an industrious innovator. At 93 he stood at the Cade Museum Prize award ceremony – a member of the Final Four – and won the People’s Choice Award for his pyrolizer machine that could create renewable energy and “bio-char” soil amendments at off-the-grid locations. Dr. Green’s interest in renewable fuels arose from his flights in WWII.