Air Pollution Seminars: A Few Moral, Ethical and Practical Conundrums of an Air Resources Practice


4:00 pm-5:00 pm
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Black Hall Room 221
Black Hall Room 221
Gainesville, FL 32611


Synopsis: I find myself to be in a world of escalating crises, including many environmental issues, especially related to the atmosphere. I propose that many apparently contradictory policies, decisions and conundrums related to decisions about the environment are deeply rooted in the human trait of denial, which was essential to the final evolution of full, reflexive consciousness sometime in the past hundred thousand years, coupled with the progressively increasing physical power and skills of the genus Homo over the last few million years. Our predicaments stem not from lack of (clean or renewable) energy, etc., but a paradoxical (evolutionary) lack of self understanding of our plight. I will share examples of how this sometimes played out in my air pollution practice with illustrations for discussion of coping methods for retaining balance (or some semblance of sanity)
… in the chaotic and unsustainable practice we call “normal modern life”.

Bio: Since about 1976 I pursued a career in Air Resources, beginning with 5 years of extensive stack sampling experiences in Florida’s Dept. of Environmental Regulation. I completed an early career Masters and Doctorate at Harvard School of Public Health followed by a brief Research Associate stint at Harvard, working on indoor air quality exposure problems and personal sampling. We returned to Gainesville in 1989 for environmental consulting work and I have been involved with a wide range of projects, indoor air quality, large EPA monitoring projects, and international air monitoring work


Hosted by

Chih-Hsiang Chien