CISE Colloquium Speaker Dr. Alan Edelman


12:00 pm-1:00 pm
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CSE building room: E404
432 Newell Drive
Gainesville , FL


This talk is for those who have never used Julia, and perhaps never imagined using Julia (but please come even if you have!). I will demonstrate why many researchers and classes at MIT and around the world are moving to Julia for research and teaching. In a nutshell, people come for the speed, but stay for the experience once they realize how Julia’s composability is downright addictive. For a preview, try visiting:
for the Hyperbolic Corgi (sliders work in HTML), or visit
for MIT’s computational thinking class.
Bio: Prof. Alan Edelman considers himself to be a pure mathematician and an applied computer scientist, and also proudly collaborates with Philip the Corgi who is featured in many of his demos. He has consulted for Pixar, IBM, Microsoft, & Thinking Machines, and has cofounded JuliaHub and Interactive Supercomputing. He has won many prestigious prizes including a Gordan Bell Prize, Householder Award, IEEE Fernbach Award, Charles Babbage Award and was tenth in the nation in the USA Math Olympiad when he was in high school. He is a fellow of ACM, SIAM, IEEE, and the AMS. Most of all he loves the interaction of mathematics and computation.


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