ESSIE Seminar: Micro to Macro Study of Strain Localization in Granular Soils


9:35 am-10:25 am
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FAB 0103
400 SW 13th St
Gainesville, FL 32611


Marte Gutierrez, Ph.D
J.R. Paden Distinguished Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado Schools of Mines

ABSTRACT: Strain localization, particularly shear banding, due to bifurcation in the stress-strain response is one of the most challenging aspects of granular soil behavior. As a result of localized deformation, the load-carrying capacity of the soil reduces with increasing strain and strain softening ensues. This lecture presents a combined Discrete Element Method (DEM) and elasto-plasticity modeling of the stress-strain, strain localization and strain softening behavior of granular soils. DEM modeling using the Particle Flow Code (PFC) is employed to obtain microscopic understanding of strain localization in granular soils. Homogenization techniques are used to convert discrete micro-mechanical quantities to continuum macro-mechanical parameters. A macroscopic plasticity model is developed based on the micro- mechanical observations obtained from particulate simulations of the response of granular soil. Post- localization modeling is based on a homogenization technique, where it is assumed that elastoplastic deformation comes from the localized deformation in the shear band while the material outside the shear band deforms elastically. The complete continuum plasticity model is shown to be capable of replicating the DEM results on the full spectrum of the stress-strain behavior of granular soils from strain hardening to failure and strain softening. Use of the model in simulating the response of real sands shows that the model can realistically reproduce realistic granular soil behavior.

Dr. Marte Gutierrez is the James R. Paden Distinguished Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the DOT Tier 1 University Transportation Center for Underground Transportation Infrastructure (UTC-UTI) at Colorado School of Mines. Formerly, he was Post- Doctoral Fellow, Senior Engineer and Program Leader at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, and Associate Professor/Professor at Virginia Tech. He was Founding Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He has also held visiting professorship and researcher positions in China, Chile, France, Japan and South Korea. He has published more than 300 papers in book chapters, journals and conference proceedings, and has given keynote and invited lectures at several conferences.
He has been involved in several landmark and groundbreaking Civil Engineering projects while working in Norway. He is a member of the Editorial Board of five International Journals. He is the recipient of the Geotechnical Research Medal from UK’s Institute of Civil Engineers, the Peter A. Cundall Honorable Mention Award, the Applied Rock Mechanics Research Award from the American Rock Mechanics Association, and the Kwanghua Visiting Professorship from Tongji University. Dr. Gutierrez’s main research interests are in Geomechanics, and Energy and Environmental Sustainability.


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