FICS Research Annual Conference on Cybersecurity


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UF Hilton Hotel & Conference Center
1714 SW 34th St
Gainesville, FL 32611


Register as soon as possible (registration fee: $75 for the entire conference)

This year’s conference includes more than 30 posters to be presented by students from several universities (University of Florida, USF, FIT, FIU, UCF, and more). A panel of judges will evaluate the quality of posters and presentations and rewards will be given to the highly ranked posters. We hope you can attend the conference and meet the students.

Poster Presentations:

Title: A Comprehensive Solution for Defending IoT Supply Chain

Authors : Kun Yang, Domenic Forte, and Mark M. Tehranipoor


Title: Heart-to-Devices (H2D) Authentication: Challenges and Solutions

Authors: Zimu Guo, Nima Karimian, Mark M. Tehranipoor and Domenic Forte


Title: The Case for Unpredictability and Deception as OS Features

Authors: Ruimin Sun, Andrew Lee, Donald Porter, Matt Bishop and Daniela Oliveira.


Title: The Case for Provenance as a First Class Citizen in Operating Systems

Authors: Adam Bates and Kevin R.B. Butler


Title: Impact of X-ray Tomography on the Reliability of FPGAs.

Authors: Md Mahbub Alam, Navid Asadizanjani, Mark Tehranipoor, and Domenic Forte


Title: Secure split-test for Preventing Distribution of Unlicensed and Rejected ICs by Untrusted Foundry and Assembly.

Authors: Md. Tauhidur Rahman, Gustavo K. Contreras, Domenic Forte, and Mark Tehranipoor.


Title: Secure Vulnerability Analysis of Design-for-Test Exploits for Asset Protection.

Authors: Gustavo K. Contreras, Adib Nahiyan, Dominic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor.


Title: Lightweight On-Chip Sensors for Combating Recycled ICs.

Authors: Bicky Shakya, Ujjwal Guin, Mark Tehranipoor, Domenic Forte


Title: DSeRC: Design Security Rule Check.

Authors: Adib Nahiyan, Kan Xiao, Gustavo Contreras, Domenic Forte and Mark Tehranipoor.


Title: The Frigate Compiler for Secure Computation.

Authors: Benjamin Mood, Debayan Gupta, Henry Carter, Kevin Butler, and Patrick Traynor.


Title: Tracking Data Flow in Soft IPs through Structural Checking Tool.

Authors: Thao Le and Jia Di.


Title: Keeping an Eye Out for Blindspots.

Authors: Olabode Anise, Rad Akefirad, Dr. Yuriy Brun, Dr. Justin Cappos, Dr. Natalie Ebner, Dr. Daniela Oliveira, and Dr. Yanyan Zhuang.


Title: Spear Phishing Emails: User Age Influences Susceptibility to Psychological Weapons of Influence.

Authors: Huizi Yang, Sandeep Dommaraju, Harold Rocha, Devon Weir, Donovan Ellis, Daniel Oliveira and Natalie Ebner.


Title: Droid: Assessment and Evaluation of Android Application Analysis Tools

Authors: Bradley Reaves, Jasmine Bowers, Sigmond Albert Gorski III, Olabode Anise, Rahul Bobhate, Raymond Cho, Hiranava Das, Sharique Hussain, Hamza, Karachiwala, Nolen Scaife, Byron Wright, Kevin Butler, William Enck, Patrick Traynor


Title: Design of Low-Cost Memory-Based Security Primitives and Techniques for High-Volume Products.

Authors: Md. Tauhidur Rahman, Zimu Guo, Domenic Forte, and Mark Tehranipoor.


Title: Threshold defined logic engines and applications.

Authors: Anirudh Iyengar and Swaroop Ghosh.


Title: Security and privacy issues of non-volatile memories and solutions.

Authors: Nitin Rathi and Swaroop Ghosh.


Title: Multi-Dimension Self-Referencing for Golden Free Trojan Detection under Process Noise.

Authors: Tamzidul Hoque, Robert Karam, Swarup Bhunia.


Title: Remote Authentication Scheme to Prevent Physical Tampering of PCB.

Authors: Shuo Yang, Tamzidul Hoque, Swarup Bhunia.


Title: Current-based PUF Implemented into Memory

Authors: Fengchao Zhang, Shuo Yang, Swarup Bhunia.


Title: ProvUSB: Block-level Provenance for USB Storage Devices.

Authors: Dave (Jing) Tian (University of Florida), Adam Bates (University of Florida), Kevin Butler (University of Florida), Raju Rangaswami (Florida International University).


Title: Trust Validation of Hardware Intellectual Property (IP) Cores.

Authors: Farimah Farahmandi and Prabhat Mishra.


Title: Trace Buffer Attack and Countermeasures.

Authors: Yuanwen Huang and Prabhat Mishra.


Title: Techniques to Improve RO-PUF Robustness Against Environmental Variations and Aging

Authors: Md. Tauhidur Rahman, Fahim Rahman, Domenic Forte, and Mark Tehranipoor.


Title: Trust-Hub: Development of Trust Benchmarks, Trojan Benchmarks, and Hardware Validation Platforms.

Authors: Miao (Tony) He, Bicky Shakya, Rahul Vittal, Domenic Forte, and Mark Tehranipoor


Title: Randomness at Materials Level: poly-Si for Physical unclonable functions (PUFs).

Authors: Haoting Shen, Fahim Rahman, Bicky Shakya, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor


You can contact Prof. Mark Tehranipoor ( if you have any questions.