ISE Faculty Search Candidate Seminar


10:30 am-11:30 am
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CSE E112
Gainesville, FL 32611


Shan Bao, Associate Research Scientist
Human Factors Group, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

Title: Modeling Driver Behavior and State with Advanced Vehicle Technologies

Automated Vehicle (AV) technologies are actively studied in the automotive industry because their potential to reduce crashes, save fuel, ease traffic congestion, and provide better mobility. The timeline for automated driving implementation is fast approaching. With the rapid growth of vehicle sensor and control technologies, the driver-vehicle relationship is changing dramatically. A driver, traditionally viewed as an active operator, will serve as a supervisory controller or just a passenger. This role change has provided new opportunities, as well as challenges to our researchers in the transportation society. For example, the introduction of automation into vehicles has raised considerable interest in knowing whether the driver is sufficiently engaged in the driving task and is aware of the driving situation, such that a successful transfer of control might be possible, or that other assistance should be provided. The speaker will share her vision and her research in driver behavior modeling and state monitoring through her talk. This work lays the foundation for studies on driver state monitoring and detection, as well as future system design.


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