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2:00 pm-3:00 pm
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CSE 107
CSE Building
Gainesville, FL 32611


Carter Keough
Ph.D. Candidate
North Carolina State University

Abstract: Advancing Manufacturing Through Research and Teaching

The advancement of manufacturing processes and technologies takes place in both research and classroom environments. In this seminar, we discuss ongoing efforts to translate metal additive manufacturing (AM) into industry and to engage students in the classroom through practical hands-on manufacturing experiences.

To fabricate functional metal AM parts for industry, that have industry specified geometric and dimensional tolerances along with desired mechanical performance, oftentimes additional surface processing of the component is required. For successful product design and realization, a comprehensive understanding is still needed to predict the effects of surface modification on the fatigue response of AM components. Current efforts investigate the effects of surface conditioning methods on the fatigue life and surface characteristics of Ti-6Al-4V specimens fabricated via electron beam melting. The ultimate objective is to relate the measured fatigue performance to the surface condition in order to develop a series of guidelines for finishing AM components.

The introduction of fundamental principles of manufacturing can be done through lecture, however not all students learn best with this method. Recent undergraduate courses at NCSU have utilized on-site laboratory resources as a unique way to engage all learning styles. The fabrication of compressed-air engines and collaborative laboratory competitions were found to provide students not only with academic understanding of the course concepts, but fun and practical experience in their application.


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