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11:45 am-12:35 pm
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CSE 107
CSE Building
Gainesville, FL 32611


Mengyu Li
Ph.D. Candidate
Dalhousie University

Abstract: Teaching Methods for Systems Engineering and Optimization of Ambulance Destination Policies

Teaching Philosophy: In this talk, my own philosophy will be presented along with theoretical methods of teaching and education, including using Bloom’s taxonomy to develop learning outcomes, applying the “ABC model” to foster a positive teaching/learning relationship with students, as well as integrating critical reflection into teaching for continuous improvements. The aim of this session will be to highlight my teaching methods, as well as the mechanisms I use to evaluate and improve my student interactions.

Research: Ambulance offload delay (AOD) is a prolongation between an ambulance arrival in the emergency department (ED) and transfer of patient care, typically due to ED crowding. AOD is a pressing problem in Canada as it can negatively affect the ambulance availability and patient safety. The objective of this study is to develop a method to determine which hospital (including out-of-region hospitals) to send patients to when experiencing AOD, using integrated historical data from partnering hospitals and partnering Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provider. It aims to provide ambulance destination guidelines to EMS to minimize the effects of AOD. We formulate an infinite horizon, discrete-time Markov decision process model to determine when it is advantageous to send appropriate patients to out-of- region hospitals, which have longer transport times but shorter offload times. The decision model considers patient acuity, travel distance, and AOD. A computational study is applied and a policy to return ambulances to service more quickly is found. This model can be used as a decision support tool to generate optimal ambulance destination policy.


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