ISE Seminar Series


11:45 am-12:35 pm
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406 Weil Hall
1949 Stadium Road
Gainesville, FL 32611


Peter T. Vanberkel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering, Dalhousie University

Abstract: Analyses of Emergency Department Coverage in Nova Scotia, Canada

In this seminar I will present a program of research motivated by operational challenges faced by Emergency Medical Services in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Nova Scotia’s population of approximately one million people is covered by 37 emergency departments of varying capabilities and capacities.  Using location-allocation models and Geographical Information Systems we determine how well these facilities cover the population and benchmark this with neighboring provinces.   Specifically, we analyze the existing network by computing the weighted travel distance of the population to each facility, the maximum distance any person must travel, and the number of people within a specified distance from a facility. We also evaluate several proposed changes to the network and compute the degree of improvement expected using these metrics.​


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Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering