ISE Seminar Series with Pratik J. Parikh


11:45 am-12:35 pm
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CSE E222
CSE Building
Gainesville, FL 32611


Pratik J. Parikh, Ph.D.

Title: Trauma System: Challenges and Approaches for Prompt and Definitive Care
Abstract: Trauma injuries (via motor vehicle crash, falls, gunshots) are the #1 cause of death among US citizens <45 years old and #3 overall across all ages, with an economic burden of $671 billion annually. Research suggests that if trauma patients were taken to a Level 1 or 2 trauma center, then they would have a 25% higher survival rate than being taken to any other hospital. Recent studies suggest that geographical mal-distribution of trauma
centers correlates with under-triage (UT) and overtriage (OT) errors, both surrogates for care provision.

In this talk, we will discuss our collaboration with the state of Ohio’s EMS Division on various initiatives related to trauma system analysis and design. Starting with the typical process of how care is provided to a trauma victim at the scene, we will briefly discuss
various strategic and operational decisions, and their impact on patient safety and costs. We will then summarize our recent work on identifying factors that affect prehospital trauma triage decision making and the occurrence of secondary over-triage. Finally, we will share our preliminary work on a recent NSF grant related to optimizing the network of trauma centers, its extensions, and implications on state-wide trauma care.


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Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Florida