Kathryn G. Tippey, ISE Faculty Search Candidate Seminar


3:00 pm-4:00 pm
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CSE E112
Gainesville, FL 32611


Kathryn G. Tippey, Human Factors Engineer
Design Science Consulting, Inc.

Title: Improving Systems Safety through Interface Design using Workload and Usability Metrics
Human operators across multiple domains conduct task sets involving varying levels of physical and mental workload. These task sets may require the use of competing resources that result in degraded performance in one or more tasks. Additionally, the overall design of a system may prompt users to interact with the system’s interface in a particular way. Effective interface designs can facilitate the redistribution of overlapping physical, cognitive, and perceptual resources, and better support the user’s mental model of the system. Research exploring the resources required to perform tasks and the design of systems’ interfaces thus has the potential to reduce the likelihood of use errors and to mitigate the consequences of errors that do occur. In this presentation, Dr. Tippey will discuss her research experience and interest in applying quantitative and qualitative methods to increase the safety of device interfaces. This includes the exploration of cognitive resource management and usability analysis techniques in the driving, aviation, and medical domains.


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