Opportunities for the advancement of research in infrastructural materials


3:10 pm-4:00 pm
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365 Weil Hall Conference Room
Gainesville, FL


Opportunities for the advancement of research in
infrastructural materials

Portland cement concrete is the world’s most widely used material for the construction of the built infrastructure. The manufacture of portland cement, the key ingredient in concrete, is responsible
for approximately 5-9% of the anthropogenic carbon-dioxide
(CO2) produced annually world-wide. The cement industry’s contribution
to global CO2 is a significant contributor to anthropogenic
climate change. The behavior of portland cement concrete
is primarily governed by the chemistry, mineralogy and particle size of the materials within the system. The opportunities for the advancement of research in portland cement based materials will be realized with a forward-thinking approach, which includes the
use of advanced computing, optimization, and sustainable materials management. Society cannot continue to utilize current cement
production technologies to meet the needs of a rapidly
growing infrastructure while supporting sustainable construction policies, which are directly linked to cumulative global CO2
emissions. The transition to innovative low-carbon technologies for the portland cement concrete industry are necessary for the
development of sustainable infrastructure to support an enduring society.

Dr. Chr istopher Fer r ar o PhD, PE is a Resear ch Assistant Professor at the University of Florida and his current work is focused on reduction of anthropogenic carbon-dioxide produced
as part of the construction process involving portland cement concrete. He has over 15 years of experience and has published more than 25 peer-reviewed articles in refereed journals.
He is a fellow of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and is
the current chair of the Mass Concrete Committee (207). He is also a voting member of four other committees within ACI. He has earned a number of research awards throughout his career including the best paper by a university researcher for the Structural Faults and Repair Conference held in the United Kingdom.
Dr. Ferraro was recognized as the faculty adviser / mentor of the year for the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering in 2015-2016


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