Safe and Secure Cyber-Physical and IoT Systems


12:00 pm-1:30 pm
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Larsen Hall Room 310
968 Center Dr.
Gainesville, Florida 32611


Safe and Secure Cyber-Physical and IoT Systems
Abstract: Cyber-physical and Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems operate in many important, safety-critical environments. Safety and security have traditionally been separate disciplines: safety from traditional engineering, security from computer science. The advent of cyber-physical systems that tightly couple computers and physical systems mean that we can no longer treat these topics as separate. The first part of this talk will discuss the interactions between safety and security in cyber-physical systems and IoT, including the combination of design constraints (long deployment life, low total cost-of-ownership, low power) that influence design decisions.
The second part of this talk will concentrate on one approach to improve safety and security of cyber-physical and IoT systems. Service-oriented architectures are widely used in information processing and Web technologies to provide scalable access to resources in distributed systems and extensible applications. However, many traditional service-oriented architectures are designed for transaction processing. In contrast, cyber-physical systems used for real-time control require quality-of-service constraints and graceful handling of failures to provide requested services. Furthermore, given the long lives of cyber-physical systems, we must be able to guarantee QoS properties as we add new services after deployment. We will discuss a series of abstractions for cyber-physical systems that guarantee quality-of-service properties are maintained both for a single service and for a composition of services.


Hosted by

Mark Tehranipoor