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Influence of Surfactant Hydrophobicity on Polycarbonate Membranes and its Effect on Permselectivity


Authors:, Stevie Bush, Thomas Volta, and Charles Martin
Mentor: Charles Martin, Ph.D.
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Resonant Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS) for Engineering Hybrid Quantum Systems and Quantum Transduction

Authors:, Jaesung Lee, Ph.D., Yanan Wang, and Philip Feng
Mentor: Philip Feng, Ph.D.
 Nano-Materials, Nano-Mechanics, Nano-Physics
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Multimode Characterization of Silicon Carbide (SiC)/Hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN) Hybrid Mechanical Resonator

Authors:, Yuncong Liu, and Yanan Wang
Mentor: Philip Feng, Ph.D.
Nano-Mechanics, Nano-Photonics
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Modeling the Impact of Dielectric Width on the Recording Performance of Microelectrodes

Authors:, Paritosh Rustogi, Abbas Furniturewalla, Erin Patrick, Jack Judy
Mentor: Jack Judy, Ph.D.
Nano-Materials, Simulation
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Analysis of electro-infiltrated metal/iron-oxide nanocomposites for microinductor applications

Authors:, Connor Smith, Sara Mills, Shehaab Savliwala, Carlos Rinaldi, Jennifer Andrew, and David Arnold
Mentor: David Arnold, Ph.D.
Nano-Electronics, Nano-Materials, Nano-Particles
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Strength of amorphous and nano crystalline fine diameter fibers


Authors:, Nick Vandervoort, Author 2, and Author 3
Mentor: Wolfgang Sigmund, Ph.D.
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An Optical MEMS-Based Dynamic Pressure Sensor for High-Temperature Applications

Authors:, Austin Vera, and Mark Sheplak
Mentor: Mark Sheplak, Ph.D.
Nano-Materials, Nano-Mechanics
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100-µm-Thick High-Energy-Density Electroplated CoPt Permanent Magnets


Authors:, Yuzheng Wang, Beatriz Y. Jimenez, and David P. Arnold
Mentor: David Arnold, Ph.D.
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Fe-Modified Biochar Enhances Microbial Nitrogen Removal Capability of Constructed Wetland

Authors:, Yicheng Yang, Wen Jia, Yulin Zheng, Jinsheng Huang, and Yue Zhang
Mentor: Bin Gao, Ph.D.
Nano-Chemistry, Nano-Materials, Nano-Particles, Nano-Environmental Science
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Frequency Tuning in Few-Layer MoTe2 Suspended Channel Transistors and Nanoelectromechanical Resonators

Authors:, S M Enamul Hoque Yousuf, Xu-Qian Zheng, Xia Liu, Arnob Islam, and Philip Feng
Mentor: Philip Feng, Ph.D.
Nano-Electronics, Nano-Mechanics
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