Zhenli He

Zhenli He

Dr. Zhenli He for the faculty directoryProfessor & Associate Director, Soil Fertility and Environmental Chemistry
PhD, Zhejiang University
Soil Chem. & Environ. Sci.

Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Dr. He is a Professor in Soil Fertility and Environmental Chemistry. His research interests include soil biogeochemistry of nutrients and contaminants; remediation of contaminated soil and water; citrus nutrition, management of nutrients, wastes, and water quality. He currently teaches “Soil Quality” (SWS 6134) for graduate students; “Nanotechnology Application in Agriculture and Environment” (SWS 6932/4932) for graduate and undergraduate students; and, “Soil Science Lab for the Environment” (SWS 3022L) for undergraduates.

Dr. He is an active member of American Association for Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, International Union of Soil Science, Soil Science Society of America, and American Society of Agronomy. He serves as a submission editor for Journal of Soils and Sediments, the editorial board for the International Journal of Communication in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, and, the International Scholarly Research Network for Soil Sciences.

Dr. He is the University of Florida Research Foundation Professor; he is also a Fellow of American Society of Agronomy; and, a Fellow of Soil Science Society of America.