Anuj Chauhan

Anuj Chauhan

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
PhD, City University of New York
Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering | Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

We are developing better ophthalmic drug delivery vehicles. We have developed novel nanoparticle-laden soft contact lenses that deliver ophthalmic drugs for a period of about 5-6 days with significantly smaller drug loss to the systemic circulation. Animal trials of these lenses are planned and a product based on this technology is expected to be in the market in about 8 years. We are also interested modeling the process of nanoparticle encapsulation in the gels as well as the drug release from the particles, subsequent diffusion processes. Our work in this area has received much recent attention in the popular press including, CNN Headline News, and was listed in Reader’s Digest Medical Breakthroughs 2004.