Strategic Priorities

At the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, we are Powering the New Engineer to Transform the Future. We are guiding New Engineers — collaborative, innovative leaders — to work in research areas that have the greatest potential to effect transformational change. Many of the strategic priorities that we set for our college are also identified as UF Preeminence Initiative focus areas. They are at the heart of campus-wide interdisciplinary collaborations:


Advanced Manufacturing for Healthcare

Healthcare costs are rising, but UF is rising to the challenge of finding affordable and reliable biomedical solutions.

Engineering the Brain *

UF is a major player in the national brain research initiative, and Engineering has a vital role.

Soft Matter Engineering

Fighting disease on the frontiers of science includes engineering the living cell. 


Energy Systems

We’re ratcheting up our efforts to bottle sunlight – revolutionizing ways to concentrate it into fuel.

Resilient Coastal Communities

3.5 billion people living in coastal communities around the world and are susceptible to deadly storms and sea level rise. By leading Florida in creating resilient coastal communities, UF is leading the world.



Cybersecurity *

Intrusions and attacks can compromise everything. We’re a resource for responsive action.

Autonomous Systems *

We’re tracking hurricanes, docking subs, surveying wildlife, and driving without driving.

Enabling Technologies

Informatics Tools and Techniques *

Data sets should serve our society, not overwhelm it.

Bioinformatics *

It’s using Big Data, with your body in mind, and UF’s approach to it is revolutionary.

Human Centered Computing *

We’re designing everything from our core values: diversity and inclusion.

* Also identified as a UF Preeminence Initiative Research Focus Area