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90 percent of the data that exists today was created in the last two years. UF wants data to serve our society, not overwhelm it. So we’re mining data and crunching numbers, engineering breakthroughs in medicine, manufacturing and energy. With the UF Informatics Institute as our nexus for multidisciplinary research, and with a little help from HiPerGator, Florida’s most powerful supercomputer, we’ll close the loop between your data and your quality of life.

In this video, hear Dean Cammy Abernathy explain the role our Big Data experts will play in how we build a better world by factoring in our data.


Who knows more about your health than your doctor? Biomedical Informatics. It’s Big Data, with your body in mind, and UF’s approach to it is revolutionary. Harnessing the collaborative strength of the university and our teaching hospital, our engineers are able to help accelerate the discovery, development and application of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, using biomedical image analysis and imaging informatics, machine learning and computer-aided diagnosis/prognosis to understand every aspect of human disease.

In this video, see our Biomedical Informatics experts Parisa Rashidi and Lin Yang – along with Dean Cammy Abernathy – discuss how our ability to collect and interpret data is about to revolutionize our health.

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  • Institute for Big Data and Informatics

Human Centered Computing

Seven billion people on this planet and no two are the same. Yet technology is tasked to compile them into one user. Our Human Centered Computing (HCC) team designs everything from our core values: diversity and inclusion. They are sonifying data for the visually impaired, designing voting systems for every user ability, and developing learning environments that integrate a STEM education with existing social interests.

In this video, see how our HCC expert Juan Gilbert is revolutionizing the way Americans vote.